Time For Updates!

I haven’t been on this blog since Thanksgiving! I’ve been so bad at blogging this whole season, but I just haven’t had time. Jeremiah & I have been super busy over the past couple of weeks since we were in the middle of moving some stuff. The weekends are truly all we have as our free time, so it isn’t much when we haven’t had enough “free time” to do our own thing.
Besides moving some stuff, we did a Secret Santa with his friends which was drawn through Elfster.com! How come no one told me how useful & intuitive it was?!?!?! Apparently it’s a website that people have been using for years & they have an app too. I think I’ll write up a separate blog post for that because I think it will be super useful for next year since I just learned about it this year. We also did a white elephant, attended holiday parties, did some of our traditions, started new traditions, & bought Christmas presents. Once I’m done with blog posting for the day, I’m going to start wrapping the Christmas presents.

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