What’s A Good Camera To Buy?

I get asked every now & then, “what’s a good camera to buy?” One of my cousins recently asked me for a recommendation on a good point & shoot camera. I gave him a list after doing really quick research, but I ultimately never really know what to say to anyone who has ever asked me for camera recommendations.

People look at multiple factors when deciding to invest in a camera, such as quality, budget, full frame/crop sensor/point & shoot, size, DSLR, mirrorless, & the list goes on!

My advice is to do a ton of research on what is best suited for what you’re looking for. I’ve seen people who invest in an expensive camera, but don’t produce quality work or make effort in post-processing. I’ve followed & seen work from users who absolutely kill it using only an iPhone.
If you’re not thinking of doing any professional work, I’d say pass on the expensive cameras. There’s no point in spending that much if you truly don’t find yourself staying committed & just want a camera with more features than a smartphone. You could also just start off small & work your way up to a better camera once you get the basic functions down & decide to start doing it more seriously.

When I post photos across my blog+social media accounts, people often assume my camera did all the work like the one below:

I think it’s a common misconception that cameras do all the work in producing a great photo & that’s not true! It helps having an “eye” or vision for things, while also having the talent/skill/patience for post-processing, as shown in the “Before & After” photo below:

I took the above photo on my camera (left) & post processed (right).

I also firmly believe that people can adapt & learn with whatever camera they have. It takes time & effort to get the results you want, so don’t feel discouraged. I am still learning after all of these years!

In my honest opinion, I don’t think there’s really a right or wrong answer in what anyone decides to invest in. Each camera or brand is going to have different qualities, styles, looks, etc. They will all have the same basic function: taking photographs.

I don’t have any expert opinions on what is the best camera to invest in whether it’s a film camera, DSLR, mirrorless, point & shoot, etc. However, I decided to create blog posts of cameras that I’ve often seen being used among the users I follow & respect:

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