Girls Trip to Oregon

Girls Trip to Oregon

I have been best friends with my girls for over 10 years & can you believe that this is our first trip out of state?! Our schedules never, ever seem to align, but we finally made it happen. It was a quick weekend, but it was memorable nonetheless.

One of our first stops on our trip was Pine State Biscuits, which I’ve listed in an Oregon Eats post here.

After breakfast, we headed straight to Gifford Pinchot National Forest.

Gifford Pinchot National Forest

Note: some of the National Forests & National Parks require a permit to enter, so be sure to do research on whether the place you are going to requires one.

Once we arrived, there was enough parking & not very many people.

When I researched the trail we were going to do, I found it was going to be a 5.2 mile hike roundtrip, but it was actually much shorter!

We literally parked & walked a bit to the waterfall. I’m going to assume the 5.2 mile hike was to another trailhead for when the parking is closed off depending on certain weather conditions. It had actually been raining in Oregon prior to our visit, so I guess we got lucky.
This was the place I wanted to go to during my last visit in March, but we opted not to because of how long the hike was. Had I known then that it wasn’t a hike at all, maybe I could’ve gone then too. But I still loved where I went in March, which you can read about here.
After Gifford Pinchot National Forest, we headed to Multnomah Falls since it was on the way back. 3 of my friends had never been to Oregon before, so we went to some tourist-y spots so they could experience them.
Also something to note, I think depending on where you’re coming from, you may have to pay toll (cash only) to cross some bridges. Thankfully one of my friends had cash!

Multnomah Falls

Since Multnomah Falls was on the way back, we decided to check it out even though it was on our itinerary for the next day. It was much more convenient to see it while we were in the area already.

Powell’s Book Store

After Multnomah Falls, we ate at Pok Pok, which I listed in my Oregon Eats post here. Then, we decided to check out Powell’s Book Store since we had more time on our hands.

Roaming Around Downtown

The next morning, we walked around downtown while we waited to get seated at Mother’s Bistro, which I also listed in my Oregon Eats post here. The original plan was to go to Mt. Hood National Forest, but since the trail we planned on doing was closed due to construction, we decided not to make the drive all the way there.
The weather is absolutely beautiful around this time 🍂 We do not get Fall weather like this here in the Bay Area. Our season really transitions from Summer to Winter, so we don’t really get to experience all the beautiful leaves.
I also took some photos of my dear friends. I’d like to get more practice in portrait photography, so if anyone would like some nice, edited photos from me in exchange for some practice time with my craft, let me know 🤗

Cannon Beach

After breakfast, we went to Cannon Beach which is such a beautiful place. The last time I was at this location was in 2016 & it was so gloomy (see here). I’m glad that I had a different weather experience this time around.

Walking Around Downtown

After Cannon Beach, we spent the rest of the time we had walking around downtown & eating at Modern Times Beer for dinner.
It was such a cozy, quick weekend with my girls! I’m glad we finally got to take a trip out of state! They are planning on going to go to Seattle & drive up to Canada sometime in January, but unfortunately I will be unable to join them as I have some saving up to do for another trip. As always, no secrets revealed just yet. Stay tuned in to see what will happen next 😉

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