What’s New?

Hello! It has been a while since I’ve blogged. I do have some posts that I will be publishing within the next couple of days. They’re all sitting in my drafts right now!

October was truly a horrible month for me. I do hope that next year it will be better because it is my favorite month & I love Halloween. I had too many things going on at once last month & it really broke me down. I had to turn down great offers & skip out on events/activities that I really wanted to do, but I do have my priorities & my health to think about.

So, what’s new?
Jeremiah’s parents recently bought a house & we will be getting our own room so that we have a place for us when we visit. I think this works out really well for us because I do want Jeremiah to see his parents more since they do not live in our area & we will have our space to feel comfortable when we visit. So this weekend we’ll be helping his parents move as well as us moving some of our stuff.
Our Thanksgiving plans are kind of up in the air right now too, so we will see what happens.

Also, the weather hasn’t gotten cold enough for me to truly layer, bundle up, & throw on some dark lipstick yet. What gives Bay Area weather?!

New posts are coming, so stay tuned!

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