Dell’Osso Family Farms

Dell’Osso Family Farms

I usually love going to Dell’Osso Family Farms to get a pumpkin, enjoy the food, & go on some rides, but I unfortunately did not get to experience much of that this year.
We always try to go later in the month of October so it isn’t too hot out & this time we went on a Sunday thinking that it would be less busy, but it was far from it.
We arrived around 3 PM & there was a line to get in, but not much longer than what we’ve waited in before. The first thing we did was ride on the train that goes around the whole pumpkin patch & the wait time was over an hour! It was absolutely ridiculous. I think one of the things they could improve on for next year is to have a worker let the people in line know how long the wait time could be as there are so many kids & families who would hate to waste their time standing in a line.
I did like that they added more things to the pumpkin patch this year. They have barrel races or I think they called it “hamster wheels”, vendors for people to sell their products as shown below, more playgrounds for kids to roam, etc.
I think all of the new additions they add every year have been really great, especially for kids, but something has to be done about the crowd control.
When we went to get something to eat, they ran out of kettle corn, corn on the cob, & other food.
So Jeremiah & I went to another new addition they added called “Cider Hill” where they have pizza & hard cider.
The pizza & the hard cider was truly our only win of the evening.
When we waited in line for the Mystery Tour (my favorite ride there), it was moving along quickly until an accident happened that delayed our wait time to 45 minutes.
Next year, Jeremiah suggested we should just go early in the month & just bear with the heat because we unfortunately didn’t have a good time this year.
They should really do something about their crowd control, have more range or selection for pumpkins like Uesugi Farms, let visitors know when they ran out of a certain food item, have carnival games/prizes, & let people know how long ride wait times are. I think Dell’Osso Family Farms really is a great place, especially for kids. I had so much fun the last 2 years, but this year didn’t turn out so great.
We did get our pumpkins, so that’s a plus! For my look at the pumpkin patch, click here.

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