Halloween Basket of Goodies!

I can’t believe Halloween is almost here! I feel like this month went by too fast. I feel like I didn’t get to enjoy the things I love about October, but I’ve also been busy. I can’t wait until Jeremiah & I have our own place or a a kid so that we could enjoy doing our favorite traditions. Halloween is my favorite “holiday”, but I sadly never have any big plans for it. When we have a kid, we will definitely have a Halloween party & everyone has to dress up! ๐Ÿ˜‰
Jeremiah also gets me a pumpkin basket full of goodies every year. Last year he got me a candle, chocolate/candy, a pumpkin, ears, & socks as shown below.
I wasn’t expecting anything this year because I’ve been mentioning for a year now that we are running out of space at home, but he still got me a basket. This time it isn’t much & I don’t mind. He got my a card, Charlie Brown stickers, my favorite chocolate, a mug, & Harry Potter horcrux pins from Box Lunch.
If I had a horcrux, it would definitely be one of my cameras. If you had a horcrux, what would yours be?

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