Candytopia Round 2


Jeremiah & I went back to Candytopia again! I actually wanted to experience my second time at Candytopia with my friends like how I experienced Museum of Ice Cream with Jeremiah’s friends, but they unfortunately never got back to me in time. We still had fun nonetheless!
This experience was far better than our first one. Also, knowing what to expect definitely helped make it better.
Upon entering, a Candytopia employee was hyping everyone up who was in line & instructed that we all download their Candytopia app that gives each visitor a unique barcode to scan at each photo op. The first time, we were never informed by an employee about the app & only found out about it because Jeremiah saw a sign.
Also, during this experience, an employee takes a photo with each party in front of the Candytopia sign upon entering. Jeremiah didn’t get this chance before because an employee wasn’t stationed there during our first time around.

The Library

The library was the same experience & the “librarian” (employee) was still still enthusiastic & in character like our first experience.
The treat in this room was also the same; Lindor chocolate.

Candy Wonderland

Upon entering the whole Candytopia experience, we were also informed that once you exit a room, you cannot go back. Had we known that the first time, Jeremiah & I would’ve spent more time in this room because I really enjoyed it. I’m glad we were able to during this experience.
Also, this room had caramel candy apple lollipops & these are my fave! During our first visit, it was Tootsie Roll lollipops.

Art Gallery

This is the only room that has a bathroom. I don’t think I mentioned this the first time. It also felt far less crowded than our first experience, so I actually got a chance to check out each candy “painting”.


In this room, there were about 2-3 employees helping people take photos and scan people’s phone at the photo ops. We definitely didn’t have that the first time we went.

Under the Sea

Jeremiah & I like this room the least. There are plenty of candy figures to check out, but it wasn’t interactive like the others.

Rainbow Room

This is still my favorite room! I love confetti ๐ŸŽŠ
This time, there was also an employee that blows confetti with a leaf blower over you when doing the photo op (can you see the employee in the blue jumpsuit below?). I wish there was an employee who did that for us the first time because our photo actually turned out great (scroll below)!
I love playing around with confetti even if it’s messy! I just love the way it looks in photos.

The Marshmallow Pit

I think no matter what time slot we go to, the Marshmallow Pit is always going to be stressful & busy!
I edited people out of this photo below to make it look like we had it all to ourselves. There were actually about 7 people in the original photo.
The pit is also stressful because it is not very easy to navigate through. It’s so difficult walking in all of the marshmallows. They also did a marshmallow drop in the pit which we definitely didn’t get to experience before!
I also lost my flash diffuser in the pit right after this photo was taken below. It was fine the entire time until I tried getting out. That’s probably when I lost it.
We got a good photo with this see-saw bridge this time! The first time Jeremiah wasn’t looking.

Candytopia Gift Shop

The gift shop was also the same, so we didn’t stay around too long. They still didn’t have pins, but we wished they did.
Overall, we had a great experience the second time around. They actually just extended their stay in San Francisco! It’s a great experience & it’s definitely family-friendly. I suggest picking a time slot that’s during the day because the employees are a lot more enthusiastic vs. our first experience when we went during the evening. At that time, the employees looked ready to go home.

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