Our First Time Together at Candytopia


Candytopia is another pop-up art museum in the Bay Area. It was originally in Santa Monica & now has locations in New York & San Francisco.

Things to Note:

  • I found this museum to be more family-kid-friendly, but still found it enjoyable for myself & Jeremiah
  • This museum has A/C unlike Color Factory!
  • Just like Museum of Ice Cream, once you leave a room, you cannot go back, so I advise spending as much time as possible in each room before moving on to the next one
  • Bring a little baggy for all your candy treats
  • There is a website you can sign up with that e-mails your photos to you at each designated museum photo op. You can download the pictures straight to your phone
  • There is no map regarding names of rooms or how many rooms there are

The Library

The first room of the museum experience was something that looked like a library & reminded me of the Hogwarts library at Universal Studios Hollywood. It was filled with paintings & sculptures literally made out of candy! Visitors are also allowed to touch the sculptures as much as they like.

In this room visitors will get a quick overview of the whole experience as well as the rules.

Once the introduction is over, a clock descends from the ceiling revealing the first treat for guests: Lindor Milk Chocolate 🍫 I love these! Each person is only allowed to take one piece of these.

Kind of cool, isn’t it?

The ceiling is decorated with clocks, which kind of reminded me of Alice in Wonderland.

After The Library, you walk down an escalator to the next room.

Candy Wonderland

The next room was a candy wonderland playhouse! This little house that you can see Jeremiah going through in the photo below has a small slide inside.

The treats in this room were lollipops 🍭

This room also has 4 swings that are definitely Instagram Boomerang-able 😉

Art Gallery

After the Candy Wonderland room, you enter an “art gallery” full of framed phots completely made out of candy!

Look at the candy details in the photo below 😲

My favorite candy portrait was of course, Gene Wilder as Willy Wonka.

The treats in this room were candy bracelets.


This is probably my second favorite room. It feels like a full on photo shoot studio! Once you enter, a huge sky backdrop can be seen with two huge beach balls in the middle.

It’s great if you want to feel like you’re in a photo shoot 😉
The treats in this room were air heads!!! This is probably my favorite candy. I also noticed that the workers didn’t seem to monitor how much candy visitors were taking, so I’m assuming you can take as much as you like? I was able to get a handful, but I saw two guys take TWO handfuls each.

This photo is my favorite!

Under the Sea

This room was a little underwhelming as it was less interactive than the others, but it was still cool to see the sculptures of candy.

Unfortunately, I don’t remember what the treat was in this room, but it’s right next to the shark!

Rainbow Room

This room was my favorite! Upon entering, one of the Candytopia workers threw a bucket of confetti at us. It was crazy!

There were more sculptures made out of candy like this unicorn in the below photo.

There was also one sculpture in this room that shoots confetti out of its butt. Yes, you read that right. I said what I said.

You can see it in the next few photos below 🎉

There’s also another photo op here, but be advised that the lines do get long since everyone wants their chance at a photo.

The treat in this room were Trolli crawlers.

The Marshmallow Pit

The Marshmallow Pit is the most interactive room, but the most overwhelming.

Upon entering, visitors can draw on a huge book that sits against the wall.

There is also a Robin Williams wax figure apparently donated from Madame Tussauds in the below photo, but is cut off because it looked kind of creepy 😭

Please Note: no shoes are allowed in the marshmallow pit!

Also note: There is another photo opportunity inside of the marshmallow pit, but there’s a high possibility that you may not get the photo you want as every group only gets 7 minutes in the pit.

After the marshmallow pit, there’s also another photo op with a Golden Gate Bridge see-saw.

Candytopia Gift Shop

After the marshmallow pit, you reach the end at the Candytopia Gift Shop.

There are all kinds of treats, labeled Candytopia souvenirs, & little trinkets in the gift shop.

Jeremiah & I were looking for pins, but they unfortunately didn’t have any.

I’m glad I brought a tote bag so fit all of the candy we got! Jeremiah & I don’t have big plans for Halloween this year like going to Disneyland’s Mickey’s Halloween Party 😭 So I guess this was the next best thing!

Overall, I enjoyed our experience, however, I really would’ve like a map or some kind of information regarding how many rooms there were or what the rooms were called. Their website was also of no help as I didn’t see any information on the rooms for San Francisco’s location.

Jeremiah & I already plan to go back because although this was a great experience, I think we could have a better one. & the next time, we’ll be much more prepared on what to expect & taking as much time as possible in each room.

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