Our Seventh 49ers Game Together (49ers vs. Lions)

49ers vs. Lions

Jeremiah & I went to the 49ers game this afternoon. What he anticipated to be a blow out was actually the complete opposite! We almost lost, but luckily we didn’t.
The physical season ticket holder lanyards are so nice this year & really useful when it comes to buying the food. There’s a QR code in the back that you scan at the food vendors to apply the discount. It makes the whole process smoother, especially with Apply pay. No one has to get out their wallets!

I noticed that they also changed some of their security measures this year. Last year, if I’m recalling it correctly, no one was allowed to enter the stadium if they didn’t have 49ers official clear bags. This year, I saw a few people with clear bags & backpacks that weren’t 49ers official. I do like that considering, I’d like to buy my own preferred CLEAR backpack. They also have a new security machine that you put your bag through to check if it’s okay to bring in. Maybe it saves more time than workers sifting through bags?

We also got our Jimmy G bobblehead! We have 3 now, so we have to figure out where to put the third one.

They also changed food vendors & caterers this year, so they have some new concessions on the outer section of the stadium (the section next to the soccer field). They have sliders, baos, Salt & Straw, pulled pork sandwich, beef brisket sandwick, poke nachos, etc. They also have vegan food in one section. Apparently they’re getting a korean bbq bowl, but I don’t think it’s being served yet.

According to Jeremiah, the Tap Room is much better this year.

I got the poke nachos& they were sooo good! I wish they added more poke 😢 Jeremiah brought it home one time from the food tasting & I loved it. I definitely had to get it again here at the stadium.

We’re actually early this year 😂 We are almost never early to any game. ever.

I just woke up from a nap, but I still feel tired? I also haven’t eaten a real meal today, so maybe I just need energy. I’m glad I finished my work yesterday morning. Jeremiah & I were supposed to watch a movie over the weekend, but I’m still sick with a cold (I keep coughing!! UGH). & I made the decision to do work & errands yesterday because I knew I wouldn’t do it today. I know I made the right, adult decision. Responsibilities come first 😭& blogging second. Lol. People really underestimate how much time it takes to be a blogger or content creator & I’m not even one of those big blogger accounts. You constantly have to push out content to stay relevant, which is why there are those that do it as a full time job. & it’s not even just pushing out content, it’s also a lot of time editing behind the scenes & coming up with a nice post for readers to want to engage in. Also, some of these bloggers have friends or a S.O. that helps them behind the scenes for photo/video editing, which I don’t have. I do all of it on my own, which has been challenging. As for a non-full time blogger like me, my time to create content is limited, but I still try to create, edit photos + videos, & work on this blog when I can, even if I don’t have many readers.
I really did want to see A Simple Favor over the weekend & Jeremiah wanted to see The Predator. We also had to run errands yesterday because we won’t be here next week; we’ll be with his parents. Maybe we can watch the movies next week with his parents? I will bring up the idea to him!
Jeremiah & I are going to have shabu shabu at home again for dinner. We did it last night & it was good, but I still think we’re struggling to find a good broth. Do you know any good hot pot broths? Please feel free to leave a comment or link below 🤗

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