Greece: Day 4

Athens, Greece

The last thing we did in Greece was enjoy genuine Greek food, look at souvenir shops, & go for a swim!
Before swimming, we had lunch at Plakiotissa which I listed in my Greek Eats list here.

Vouliagmenis Lake

We spent most of the day here at the lake, which was great because it was nice not having to do a lot of walking or having some place to hurry to. We got to just relax & enjoy swimming since it was our last day & because it was so hot out.

I’m surely going to miss the gelato out here.

After the lake, the rest of the day was spent going through souvenir shops. & I grabbed ice cream during our time looking through the souvenir shops. The heat never let up during our days here in Greece!

On the way to dinner, we witnessed the beautiful sunset over Athens.

The very last thing we did was have Greek food for dinner. Although Greece was quite an experience, I was definitely ready to head home!

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