Greece: Day 3

Santorini, Greece

The third day in Greece was spent taking a quick flight to Santorini from Athens!

Perissa Black Sand Beach

I think we arrived sooner than expected because, by the time we landed in Santorini, nothing was open, buses were barely passing through, & Perissa Black Sand Beach was dreadfully empty. Restaurants & shops weren’t even open yet.

Because we arrived so early, we were able to get a great spot right in front of the water.

We also ended up bringing a floatie home 🤗

Oia, Santorini

After Perissa Black Sand Beach, we finally headed to Oia!
The views were absolutely beautiful, but we did not like the fact that it was so hot out. I wanted to check out so many of the little shops around Oia, but I couldn’t handle the sun beaming down my back.

We wanted to walk around more, but the heat was draining so much energy out of me.

After taking some photos, walking around, & checking out the views, we walked to our dinner spot that had a gorgeous view of the sunset which I listed here.

After dinner, we headed back towards the bus station. It took a while to get back to the bus station because of how crowded it was. Once we finally got back to the bus station, we took a taxi to to head back to the airport.
The Santorini airport was the worst airport experience I’ve ever had. It was overcrowded & so unorganized. It also didn’t help that the airport is so small. Like I’ve mentioned in my previous Europe posts, it must be a European thing that crowd control just doesn’t exist. There were no airport employees organizing lines for gates or asking people to form a single file line. It was basically just a free for all to push who can get to the front faster. It was absolutely ridiculous & horrible. I almost want to not recommend ever coming to Santorini. I think one visit here was enough for me. Once we finally left, I felt relieved to be out of there.

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