France: Day 4

Paris, France

Our fourth & last day in France was spent at Disneyland Paris.

Hôtel Jarry Confort

We had to check into a different hotel on our fourth day in France because the original plan was to spend more time in a different country. However, because there were so many things we wanted to do, we extended our stay in Paris.

We had a quick bite to eat at the hotel & then we headed to some souvenir shops since it was our last day in Paris.

Saint-Michel – Notre Dame Metro

We got off the Metro & went up the stairs to exit right in between La Gentilhommière & Le Saint André. It took me over an hour trying to find out where this exact location 😭 Right upon exit, to the right there were already souvenir shops set up! Luckily for us, we didn’t have to walk far! So we bought some souvenirs & finally made our way to Disneyland Paris.

Disneyland Paris

We took the Metro all the way to Disneyland Paris, which is the preferred traveling method because using an Uber or taxi all the way from Paris would be costly for just the both of us.

Once we arrived around 10 AM, it didn’t take long to get in! (Unlike Anaheim Disneyland)

They have all these old school posters at the ticket booth. I really want one to decorate my wall at home. The line to purchase tickets is also shaded because it’s indoor! If only Anaheim had this (daydreams).

Once we got in, we checked out the souvenir shops.

Jeremiah & I got buttons, lanyards, & pins!

Their main street did not feel like Disneyland Anaheim’s, but I don’t think any other park will ever feel anything like the original, right?

& there she is! Belle’s Castle!

After taking photos in front of the castle, we walked around to look for something to eat.

We have done so much research regarding food at Disneyland Paris. So many visitors & Disneyland fanatics have stated that if you’re going to Disneyland Paris expecting the food to be great like Anaheim Disneyland, you will be incredibly disappointed. Going in knowing that, I wasn’t disappointed at all. Everything tasted how I expected it to taste: average.

We also didn’t dine at their top restaurants; Walt’s: An American Restaurant & Bistrot Chez Remy. They’re expensive restaurants & I was too worried about spending money on food that would most likely be disappointing.

So, Jeremiah & I settled with eating at Pizzeria Bella Notte. The line was ridiculous, which is an understatement. I actually started to second guess eating at one of the fancier, expensive restaurants. It took us forever to get our food, but since we already mapped out the day & what we wanted to check out, we didn’t mind losing time.

We went on a couple of rides & we were able to get through the ones we wanted to check out because the wait time was nothing compared to Anaheim Disneyland. If only it was a 30-40 minute wait for all the rides at Anaheim Disneyland.

We also went to La Tanière du Dragon & thought it was a ride, but it was just a thing to look at & that was it? I would absolutely suggest skipping this.

The next thing we did was ride on the Pirates of the Caribbean ride. The last time I went on the Pirates of Caribbean at Anaheim Disneyland, was in 2010 & I remember not really enjoying it. I was curious if I would have a different experience here. & I have to say, I loved it! I can’t wait to go back to Anaheim Disneyland because I think I might enjoy it now.

Oh, there is me covering my face with the map because I was scared of water splashing on us. I didn’t wake up early to beat my face only to have it ruined 😂

We walked through Adventureland to check out their souvenir shops. Jeremiah really loved their Adventureland because it was decorated like Aladdin’s Agrabah.

We wanted a break from the heat, so we got ice cream & sat down to watch the parade.

It was interesting seeing the different kinds of floats they had. The parade was also in French, so that was interesting to watch too!

After the parade, Jeremiah & I made our way over to the next park called Walt Disney Studios.

Before making our way in, Jeremiah had to use the restroom, so I checked out their World of Disney store.

Look at some of their Disneyland Paris merch!

Once we finally made our way to Walt Disney Studios, it wasn’t that crowded upon entering. Completely unlike Anaheim Disneyland!

But then I could see why it was so empty. There just wasn’t much to do in the park.

We did the Studio Tram tour because we really like the one at Universal Studios Hollywood, but I wouldn’t suggest wasting your time with this one.

They had a mini Toy Story Land here, but it didn’t have much there either.

We also made our way to the Ratatouille Ride! The Disneyland Paris app said it was closed all day, but it actually wasn’t. Luckily we walked by to check, otherwise we wouldn’t have been able to experience it. Thumbs down on their app for not being more updated.

We also didn’t know that Walt Disney Studios park closed at a different time than Disneyland Paris. They actually close HOURS ahead of Disneyland Paris. Had we known that, we would’ve spent more time at Walt Disney Studios park earlier in the day. I don’t think we missed much though! We made our way back to Disneyland Paris since Walt Disney Studios was closing.

We had dinner at Videopolis which had the BB-8 souvenir cup! Jeremiah has been on the hunt for this souvenir cup for 3 years. It was selling at Anaheim Disneyland for a short period to promote Star Wars: The Force Awakens. & Disneyland Paris was selling it like it was no big deal.

After eating dinner at the Videopolis, we sat down near the castle to watch their Illuminations show.

It was beyond crowded! Somebody fainted, people were getting fussy, people were being rude, people were pushing, etc.

The Illuminations show was amazing though! I wish they had it at Anaheim Disneyland.

As a Disneyland fan, I hate to say that I’m not a fan of this park. I know it sounded like I was bashing the park in this entire post, but that’s not my intention. I’m just sharing how I experienced it as a Disneyland fan myself.
  • SMOKING: There are several “No Smoking” signs, but guests don’t seem to follow the rules, but also, the park doesn’t really enforce it. It’s probably a European thing because everywhere you go in Europe, people smoke, but I think in needs to be more enforced in the park because it is a place where there is children. I don’t find it safe to be smoking when there are plenty of kids present.
  • CROWD CONTROL: This is something that bothered me the most throughout my Europe experience. I’m not sure if it’s just the culture, but I’d like to think that safety should be everyone’s priority, especially when kids are involved. There is ABSOLUTELY NO CROWD CONTROL here in Disneyland Paris. IT. DOES. NOT. EXIST. There are no cast members with flashlights clearing paths for guests to walk through & there are no ropes to keep people in line. I don’t think I saw a single cast member near the castle guiding guests or clearing paths. A guest fainted & fell on a child because they couldn’t get through the line, people were arguing over space, etc. This is the worst crowd I’ve ever experienced in my life. YES, even that time I was front row for a Chance the Rapper show. I’m not sure why crowd control is not a priority for an amusement park. It’s unsafe for guests, especially small children.
  • FOOD: There are no novelty snacks or “must try” food at the park. Unlike Anaheim Disneyland where there are so many treats to choose from that you actually have to pick & choose what you should eat. At Disneyland Paris, there isn’t really an option
There are probably more cons to my list, but I’m sure there are other blogs & Disneyland fanatics that have probably said what I need to say. I knew going into the park that it was the worst park to experience, especially as Disneyland fan, so I wasn’t disappointed. I think I was more concerned, especially when it came to safety. I can’t imagine what it would’ve been like if I had a child with me.
I also knew that going into the park, it is the one that is the most outdated out of all the Disneyland parks. Disneyland Paris opened in 1992 & has had little improvement or renovation since then. I have heard that they are long overdue for an update & there are on-going talks of having a Star Wars Land or Marvel Land in the park. If that happens, maybe the park will be more busy & fun to experience.
My only hope is that crowd control & enforced smoking rules is something that will change in the future.
If you are ever thinking about going to Disneyland Paris, I suggest you don’t until the park is renovated. I’m sure there are plenty of things to do in France, but Disneyland Paris isn’t one of them.

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