France: Day 3

France: Day 3

Versailles, France

A huge chunk of our third day in France was spent at the Palace of Versailles. I have always dreamed about going to this place. It’s been on my bucket list & I was so adamant about spending the whole day here, if I had to, in order to get through the whole palace.

Thankfully we arrived SO early (before the palace even opened) that we were able to complete the tour by the afternoon. If you ever plan to go here, I advise that you arrive an hour or an hour 1/2 before the palace even opens. The line is out of the palace gates by the time it does actually open. Also, BUY. YOUR. TICKETS. AHEAD. OF. TIME. We bought ours online. There are several different tours, but we chose the general ticket + musical gardens + Marie Antoinette’s Estate (Le Petit Trianon & the Grand Trianon).

We rushed ourselves ALL the way to the Hall of Mirrors because we knew this place was going to be the most crowded.
Look at how beautiful & grand it looks! 😍
We went through the remaining rooms only to realize that a huge chunk of the tour was missing. I asked one of the employees where access was to Marie Antoinette’s bedroom & the other rooms were. We were told that they have been closed for renovation & would re-open next year. YES. I KNOW. I WAS BUMMED TOO. You mean to tell me I finally made it to Europe & I’m here at the Palace of Versailles & I can’t even see everything?! 😭 I was pretty freaking sad, but I took that as a sign that I will have to come back again in the future.
PRO TIP: They also have a Laduree inside of the Palace! If you’re already planning on going to the Palace of Versailles, get your macarons here instead of waiting in a long, crowded line at the real Laduree location. Before exiting the palace, we bought macarons at Laduree, which you can see here.

I also want to note that once you exit the palace you cannot go back in the same way you exit. You MUST wait in the long queue line again (the same line that goes out of the palace gates) if you want yo re-enter. It does not matter if you bought your tickets ahead of time either. I advise to spend as much time in the palace as possible before leaving. If you paid extra for your ticket to see Marie Antoinette’s estates, they also don’t open until 11 AM (I think that was the time). Had I known that, I would’ve spent more inside the palace as we rushed through it 😔

Since we had time to kill before the Le Petit Trianon opened, we decided to have lunch at La Flotille, which I listed on my France Eats post here.

Le Petit Trianon

The next stop was Le Petit Trianon! You can walk all the way there, but I wouldn’t suggest it. Lol. I highly recommend just renting out one of the golf carts for 2 hours. There’s an extra fee if you want to rent it for a longer time.

You are also only allowed to drive the golf cart if you have your license!

Since I was bummed out about not being able to see the extra rooms in the palace, I just paid the extra fee to use the golf cart for a longer time.

Le Rocher et le Belvédère

After walking around the Le Petit Trianon, we checked out one of the other locations around her estate. It was sooo cute!

I imagine myself spending my summers laying out here & reading a book or hanging out with friends.

Gardens of Marie Antoinette’s Estate

There was this beautiful garden we spent time walking around in. If you ever plan to go here during the summer, bring a hat! It gets sooo hot after a while 😩

There was also a theatre that Marie Antoinette would apparently use to have her plays? I’m not sure!

The Grand Trianon

The last spot before making our way back to the palace was The Grand Trianon.

I found it to be kind of underwhelming. It felt pretty dated compared to the Le Petit Trianon.
After The Grand Trianon, we finally made our way back to the palace!

Notre Dame

I was beyond exhausted at this point after spending the entire morning & half of the afternoon in Versailles. I still had a sore throat on this day & I thought that walking around in the heat would eventually make my sore throat magically go away. Well, it didn’t & I felt my body just wanting to rest for a while. I still wanted to see the Notre Dame, so we did!

Because it is a church, you are not allowed to wear clothes that show your shoulders & anything above knee-length.
After the Notre Dame, I wasn’t feeling well at all, so Jeremiah & I went back to the hotel, washed off, & took a nap. I woke up feeling more refreshed, but I was still stuck with the sore throat.

Love Lock Bridge

Yes, we did the Love Lock Bridge!

Arc de Triomphe

After the Love Lock Bridge, we went to the Arc de Triomphe.

This time, we made it to the top! We were hoping that we would be able to see a cool sunset, but it was actually gloomy as most of the evenings had been during our stay in France.

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