A Short Time in Dallas, Texas

Dallas, Texas

My blog is now back! I had to temporarily close it for viewers because an issue happened while I was on vacation in Europe. 1, 366 photos were deleted from my blog & I reached out to Google to try to restore my photos, but, unfortunately, they were unable to. This has always been an issue. Thankfully, I backup my most important photos in several different places. However, that doesn’t mean restoring my photos isn’t a big hassle. It took over a week to replace my photos back to where they were. Unfortunately, I was unable to retrieve some pictures, but I’m grateful that I got the most important ones.
Ever since Google acquired Picasa a couple of years ago (which is where blog photos are stored whenever you upload on Blogger), it hasn’t been easy sorting photos. You cannot see your photos on Google Photos, only on Google Album Archive, which doesn’t make any sense at all. & you cannot sort or select multiple photos you want to delete in Google Album archive. You have to remove photos individually or delete the entire album.
When that happened during vacation, I promised myself I wouldn’t cry about it until I got back to the states. & yes, I did cry about it when I came back because it took a huge chunk of my time trying to restore everything when I could’ve used that time for other things on my To-Do List. I don’t think anyone realizes how much time is invested in a blog or photo editing when issues like this arise. It was so frustrating. But alas, I did it. I restored most of the photos, and now I can finally upload my photos from Europe!
We had a layover in Dallas, Texas before we made our way to Paris, France.

We actually had a flight delay because of thunderstorms. It didn’t delay us too long though. This was fortunate because we already had an itinerary set for our first day in Paris.

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