Kodak Star 435

Kodak Star 435

I got this 35mm camera months ago, but I never posted it because I was waiting until I finished the roll to show what came out from it.
When I was going through old family photo albums in November 2017 – December 2017, I found a photo of my dad holding me as a baby on the escalator at Universal Studios. He had this same model camera hanging around his neck. I hopped on eBay, found it, & bought one.


Needless to say, I’m glad it actually works & I like the results!






Because it’s a point & shoot, you can tell in some of the photos that it’s out of focus. We probably stood too close or not far back enough from the subject.




Ha! I probably should’ve taken off my hat 🙈


I absolutely love the look though! It definitely looks super old school. I’m sure with photoshop, Lightroom, or several smartphone apps, you could achieve the same “old school film” look, but I love the feeling of getting real film developed.





It doesn’t seem to look that great during overcast weather. If anything, it actually makes the photos look even older (?). I’m not sure if that even makes sense, but I love how it looks in sunny weather like the photos above when we went to Disneyland this past April.







Camera: Kodak STAR 435
Film Type: Kodak Gold 200

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