Our Fifth Time Together at the Alameda County Fair

Alameda County Fair

Every year, Jeremiah & I go to the Alameda County Fair. It has become one of our favorite summer traditions. Every time after the fair, I always want that to watch The Sandlot because the fair reminds me of that one scene in the movie where it’s summer & all the boys go to the carnival & get sick 😂
Because I’ve been to the fair so many times, I decided not to take my camera & just carry something light. I only took the GoPro & a Kodak disposable camera! I can’t wait to see how the photos turn out. Maybe the pics will look like that basic film filter everyone uses on Instagram 😂 We’ll see! I don’t really use disposable film cameras.

Mind you, it was over 100 degrees this day! We thought that if we went around sunset, the heat would’ve died down. NOPE! It only started to cool down around 9 PM!!!!

To make ourselves feel better about the heat, we got the Dole Whip soft serve! We didn’t get pineapple like the one at Disneyland. We got mango & strawberry. I’m not sure, but I don’t think these flavors were here last year. I MISS IT ALREADY.

Something we did differently this year was actually go inside of the shopping buildings where vendors sell their products. Also to note, only one of the shopping buildings had A/C, so if you ever want to get away from the heat, walk around inside the shopping building. They also have a few tables where you can sit & eat too.

We thought that sitting down & sipping on a margarita would help,…it didn’t. It was too hot to do anything!

We finally started to walk around the fair when the sun was setting.

We always take a photo with these swings. Maybe something different next year?

Even though it was too hot, we still played games. Jeremiah is sure that the man swindled us, but they had good prizes this year!!!! The past two years were so underwhelming. They actually had a few cute prizes this year, so I’m happy with what we got.

We won this dog! We named him after someone in The Sandlot. Can you guess who?

The past two years we attended, it was extremely busy. It wasn’t that busy this year, but I’m going to assume that because it was the hottest day of the week.

We also did something new this year by going on the ferris wheel 😭 It was my idea & then I was nervous when we were at the top.

I am smiling here, but I am very nervous inside (I promise you).

Can you tell that I am very happy with our prize dog 🐶?

I knew there was a petting zoo here, but what we didn’t know was that there were also selling pets?! They were selling chickens, bunnies, fish, lizards, etc. They were also showcasing chickens & bunnies! It was shocking to me because I didn’t know that they did that here. We don’t usually walk around the fair because we just come for the games & food.

Maybe next year we will try to venture out even more!

We couldn’t leave without getting a deep fried something! This here is a deep fried nutella. They didn’t have my PB&J this time.

I want to go back again before this summer ends. I feel like I didn’t have as much fun as I could have because of the heat, but I’ll probably just wait until next year. I actually got in for free this year because of a giveaway I entered on Facebook!

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