Washington D.C.: Day 3

Washington D.C.

Here are photos from our third & last day in Washington D.C.!

The National Archives

I didn’t know that photos weren’t allowed inside of The National Archives, so the only photos I was able to get were from outside of the building πŸ™ƒ I really wanted to take a photo with or of the Declaration of Independence & have some corny caption from the National Treasure. I’m sure you know that movie with Nicholas Cage. haha. Unfortunately, there was too much security & cameras & I did not want to risk it.

Tidal Basin

Since I was unable to get nice photos of Tidal Basin the day before due to the overcast weather, we tried going again on our last day, but the weather had not changed. Jeremiah & I already discussed that we would like our next visit here to be during the cherry blossom festival.

MLK Memorial

The MLK Memorial had quotes around the walls. I didn’t capture it on my digital camera, but we took photos of it with film.

The National Mall

We brought our National Parks passports & got them stamped! The gift shop unfortunately didn’t have any stickers or an outline of the monuments for the stamps unlike the others parks we visited. Jeremiah was kind of bummed about it. lol. I told him it’s probably because there are so many that they wouldn’t be able to fit.

Washington Monument

I’m so glad that we were able to roam around the monuments the night before & enjoy zero crowds! There were so many tourists during the day…including us πŸ€“

Lincoln Memorial

We still revisited the Lincoln Memorial even though we had just seen it the night before. Seeing it during the day gave us a different experience.
Overall, I suggest walking around the National Mall at night to get a different perspective. It’s nice to be able to visit places without all of the crowds!Β  I couldn’t tell you how many times I’ve thought about wanting to roam around Disneyland at night to ride all the rides with Jeremiah sans the crowds.
& alas, our super quick trip came to an end!

Another place crossed off our list βœ…

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