Washington D.C.: Day 1 & 2

Washington D.C.

Jeremiah & I went to D.C. over Memorial Day weekend. I had never been to Washington D.C. although my parents have! Jeremiah has also been before. He went to D.C. for his 8th Grade field trip.

We originally were supposed to leave Saturday morning, but it was my nephew’s graduation, so we changed our flight last minute. We were still able to do what we wanted to in D.C. except for checking out the Air & Space Museum.

We had a layover in LAX, so we were able to eat something before all the restaurants closed up!

National Museum of Natural History

Jeremiah has been raving about this museum for years!!! I wish I could better express how fondly he speaks of it! I told him years ago that I wanted to go to a dinosaur museum & we’ve been to two, one in LA called Los Angeles County Museum of Natural History which I blogged about here & the one in San Diego called the San Diego Natural History Museum which I blogged a little about here.

What’s great about this museum is that it’s free! Apparently all of the museums are, which is not something I am used to. I’ve had to pay for all of the other museums I’ve visited.

I’d have to say that my favorite exhibit is the Ocean Exhibit!

I was a little bummed out to find that the Dinosaur Fossil Exhibit is closed until next year. We didn’t know that it’s been down for a while now as it’s undergoing renovation. Had we known that, maybe we would’ve changed our destination? But I can’t complain because I still enjoyed doing something new. I had never been to Washington D.C. prior to this trip, so seeing everything was great on my end.

There was a huge crowd to see the Hope Diamond 💎 It reminded me of the movie Titanic. I took a few photos of it & then left!

After the National Natural History Museum, we chilled on the grass in front of the Washington Monument. Our feet were pretty tired from all the walking, so it felt nice to sit for a bit. We sat there until it started to rain! I’m from the west coast, so is the weather always this weird on the east coast?

After we left, we ate dinner at Momofuku, which you can read about here.

Washington Monument

After dinner, we watched the game. After the game, we roamed around the National Mall, which is probably our favorite activity out of the entire trip.
Compared to how busy the area is during the day, it was a treat to feel like we had the place to ourselves for the evening. There were some people roaming around as well & mind you, this is around 1AM! But we didn’t mind because it felt a bit safer knowing other people were out & there was security walking around.

This photo was actually taken on accident as I was getting up to head towards the Lincoln Memorial. It turned out pretty interesting I guess!

Lincoln Memorial

The sky definitely did not look like this at 1 AM! I edited it & it is also poorly done! I just haven’t had the patience & time to edit the photo to how I want, so this is just going to have to do.

The views reminded me of that Disneychannel movie, My Date With the President’s Daughter. Do you guys remember that movie? I think there was a scene where Will Friedle & the girl in the movie sat here & watched the sunrise.

MLK Memorial

After the Lincoln Memorial, we walked all the way towards the MLK Memorial. It does not seem like all of the memorials are far off from each other since they are all in the same area, but I promise you, that is not the case. You will actually want to rent those bikes & scooters 😭

Tidal Basin

I’ve seen so many gorgeous photos of Tidal Basin, especially during cherry blossom season! The cherry blossoms were no longer in bloom, but I’ve also seen great photos of Tidal Basin around sunset. Unfortunately, due to the weather, it was overcast, so we didn’t get a sunset. Knowing we weren’t going to get a sunset, we roamed around the area at night, just to get a different perspective.

World War II Memorial

As we made our way back to the car, we stopped by the World War II Memorial.

I’m going to a wedding today, so I hope I’ll be able to capture some photos. I decided not to bring my digital camera & only bought 3 film cameras, but there seems to be an issue with one of my film cameras. There weren’t any issues on Friday night, the night before we left, so I’m hoping it’s just the battery.

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