Pixar Fest

Pixar Fest

Last weekend Jeremiah & I went to Pixar Fest at Disneyland. We initially weren’t planning on going to Disneyland at all this year (which is something we always say, but never actually follow πŸ˜‚), but all of the posts & articles of Pixar Fest wouldn’t let us stay away!
We were actually able to arrive before the park even opened, which is something that’s only ever happened once out of the 9 times we’ve been here together πŸ˜‚
Buying our tickets on the Disneyland app & using the MaxPass, we were able to breeze through the lines quicker & didn’t have to go through the hassle of purchasing tickets at the booth. This is now our preferred method whenever we go to Disneyland. With the MaxPass, you can reserve fast passes without having to walk to designated fast pass machines (& this is especially useful if you don’t want to walk between parks to get a fast pass) & you also have unlimited downloads for Disney Photo Pass.
If you don’t know what MaxPass is, click here for more information.

I’m so glad we scored Pixar themed tickets!

The first thing we did was put our name down at our favorite place to get breakfast: the Carnation Cafe. We roamed the shops while we waited so we could decide which souvenirs we wanted to bring home. It’s much better to look through the shops early in the day to avoid the crowds.

Once we finally got seated, we had our breakfast fuel! Mickey shaped waffles!!!!!

After breakfast, we headed to Disney’s California Adventure to roam the shops because we hadn’t seen any of the Pixar Fest themed merchandise that we wanted at Disneyland.
We also checked out the pins, of course.
Oh, what a blustery day
We didn’t see any of the Pixar Fest themed merchandise that we wanted in the main shop, so we decided to grab one of the Pixar Fest snacks before making our way to the other mini ships around California Adventure.

& here we have the Bugs Land Churro! Overall, we both thought it was good, but we wished the cereal would cover the whole entire churro & not just half. I don’t want to complain much because cereal + a churro? IT’S A WIN FOR ME!

After roaming through all the shops in Disney’s California Adventure, we just asked a cast member where were all the Pixar Fest themed merchandise we were looking for. Unfortunately, we were told that the merchandise we wanted was out of stock & back ordered until probably the end of June, which SUCKED. I was pretty bummed. Okay, not pretty bummed…I was SAD. If you’re a Disneyland fan like we are, I’m sure you’ve seen the Pixar Fest merchandise of the green aliens from Toy Story. Well, they didn’t have the merchandise that we wanted with the little green aliens πŸ˜”
Our only guess is that Disneyland really underestimated its stock.
After roaming frantically (exaggeration) around Disney’s California Adventure for the Pixar Fest merchandise, we made our way back to Disneyland to check out Pizza Planet for the green alien macarons.

We actually didn’t get the macarons because I wasn’t feeling for sweets since I had just eaten a churro. We ended up missing out on them because they were all sold out by the end of the day. It’s okay because it’s just a macaron & I’m sure it tasted just like one.
I love all the posters that they put up 😍

Since we were all for trying new things, we decided to play Astro Blasters! Can you believe we’ve been to Disneyland together about 9 times already & have never played this game/ride? I actually really enjoyed it. I scored high vs. Jeremiah πŸ˜‰ He didn’t like the game though. LOL.

After Astro Blasters, we took our obligatory photo in front of the castle. We actually did the untraditional thing & took a photo with the castle at a different angle.
1) The line was super long to take a photo with the Disney Photo Pass & we just didn’t have time for it since we wanted to go on rides
2) It was cool to try something different

After taking photos with the castle, we made our way to Fantasyland. We are never really in Fantasyland unless we ride Peter Pan’s Flight (one of my fave rides). We decided to spend time actually going on the rides there, so we did Storybook, which is a ride that I’ve actually been on before with my family. Jeremiah said he had never ridden it before, so it was nice to do that with him. I vaguely remembered my first experience on this ride, but I definitely remember now! We both enjoyed it. I love all the detail that went into the little models.
We also rode on Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride, which was actually quite frightening tbh. That & Alice in Wonderland. During our last visit, I told Jeremiah that it’s odd that those two rides are for children because they’re both quite terrifying to me. haha.

After the rides, we got out reserved seating for the Pixar Play Parade from the Plaza Inn. You can only get reserved seating for the parade if you buy the picnic lunch special. It’s expensive, but it was worth it because we didn’t have to worry about arriving early on Main Street to score good seating & we also got to sit in the shade πŸ€— I’m glad we did this because the parade took a while to actually get to Main Street.

We both loved the parade! I wish they would alternate between the main parade & the Pixar Play Parade at Disneyland. lol.
After the Pixar Play Parade, we finallyΒ made our way back to the Plaza Inn to have lunch. We were starving at this point.

It was good & Jeremiah enjoyed it (probably only because he was hungry haha), but I still prefer our regular meals here πŸ€—
After the Plaza Inn, we tried the Pixar Fest Cocoa Churro which is located in Frontierland. It has a little spicy kick to it, but we liked it! There are other exclusive food that cater to Pixar Fest, but we didn’t want to try everything. We only wanted to try a few of the ones that sounded good to us.
For Pixar Fest themed food, we used these websites as references:
  1. Click Here
  2. Click Here
  3. Click Here
  4. Click Here
  5. Click Here

After munching on the Cocoa Churro at Frontierland, we made our way to Toy Story Midway Mania since they opened up late. We were trying to go in the morning, but it was temporarily closed. It may look like it’s closed because of the Pixar Pier renovations, but double check anyway because it’s still running.
I also lost real bad at Toy Story Midway Mania 😭 So now Jeremiah & I are 2-1.

I lost really bad! Like, HOW!!!!

After Toy Story Midway Mania, we headed back to Disneyland, took some photos at the front since it was less crowded. This is another thing we do: we don’t take photos right when we arrive to the park anymore. It’s always super crowded in the morning.
After taking photos at the front, we made our way to get dole whip & munched on it while we waited in the Fast Pass line at Indiana Jones.

After the Indiana Jones ride, we were going to go on Peter Pan’s Flight because we skipped it during our last three visits until we realized how crowded it started to get in front of the castle for theΒ Together Forever β€” A Pixar Nighttime Spectacular fireworks show. We didn’t want to risk not getting a good spot, so we sat down & luckily a guest made room for us on the bench next to her. (bless her heart! πŸ’–) We got a good spot, but Jeremiah still let me sit on his shoulders because I was still too small to see over everyone πŸ˜… I’m not going to complain because we got a way better view than the time we went for Mickey’s Halloween Party.
Overall, we loved the fireworks show! I want to see it again. I almost cried 😭
After the fireworks show, we headed back to California Adventure to get a hot cup mug. Even though they didn’t have the merchandise we wanted in stock, we still wanted to to bring something home that was exclusive to Pixar Fest.

We left Sunday morning, but we already miss it! If only we lived in the area, we’d definitely have annual passes and go whenever we’re free.

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