Oregon: Where We Ate

Oregon: Where We Ate

Day 1: Fat Head’s Brewery

My brother & his girlfriend were already in Oregon since the morning, but Jeremiah & I flew out later that night. We were quite exhausted when we arrived, but we still wanted to do something to celebrate my brother’s birthday + we were really hungry! We had dinner at Fat Head’s Brewery.

The portions for our meals were huge! It’s great for sharing with a group of people.

Day 2: Screen Door, Pinolo, & Pok Pok

Before we went on our hike, we had breakfast at Screen Door. Jeremiah & I had been to this breakfast spot before, but when we visited, there wasn’t a line at all! Granted, we went on a weekday vs. this time, when we went on a Saturday. I didn’t realize how packed this place could get. We all really enjoyed the food though 🤗

After our hike, we had dinner at Pok Pok.
The wait time was an hour & 45 minutes, so we walked around a bit looking for coffee. All of the coffee shops were closed, but there was a gelato place open called Pinolo that sold lattes.

After about an hour & a half, we finally got seated at Pok Pok.  I suppose the wait time was worth it since I enjoyed the food so much. I’m never able to get Thai food because Jeremiah is allergic to peanuts & plenty of Thai food contains peanuts, so we just never really risk it. However, Pok Pok served dishes that didn’t have peanuts & we made sure to request no peanuts on some dishes.

Day 3: 10 Barrel Brewing Co. & Blue Star Donuts

After the Nike Company Store, we ate at 10 Barrel Brewing Co. The flight/sampler was okay. I think it’s better when you can choose which beers you want to sample.
The food was great though!

After Ground Kontrol, our last stop of the trip was Blue Star Donuts. Jeremiah & I had been there before on our previous trip, but it was super crowded. This time, there wasn’t a wait at all because we went in during the afternoon.

For what we did during our little trip, click here.

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