A Mini Trip to Oregon

Last weekend, Jeremiah & I joined my brother & his girlfriend Sarah in Oregon to celebrate his birthday weekend! The last time Jeremiah & I were in Oregon was in 2016 which you can read all about here!

Day 1

Jeremiah & I didn’t originally plan on going as we had our minds set on other things, but we have talked about making use out of our companion pass & Sarah convinced us to join them to make more use out of it. I mean, why the hell not!?
Jeremiah watched a basketball game on his phone during the flight. I played with the Nintendo Switch for a bit before I fell asleep.

Day 2

Our second day in Oregon was spent checking out food spots, which you can read in a separate post here. But we also went exploring because we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to explore at least one place here. There are so many gems in Oregon that we just had to make use out of our time here (even if it meant going out in the rain!).

The hike to Abiqua Falls is pretty steep the whole time, but nothing we couldn’t handle!

There are ropes to help you get down to the river & get back up later, especially when it’s raining or slippery like what we experienced.
Be extra cautious when walking to the waterfall because you have to walk alongside the river in order to get there.

Once we finally reached the waterfall, the view made it all worth it! It was so gorgeous to see up close & in person. The last time Jeremiah & I were in Oregon, we weren’t able to get close to many of the waterfalls we visited, but at least were were able to this time!

After the hike, we went back to our Airbnb, showered, & got ready for dinner!
Check out the view from our cute little Airbnb 💖

Day 3

We said goodbye to our cute, little Airbnb!

Marc dropped us off at the Nike Company Store where we spent about 2 hours throwing things in our cart & texting with Marc & Sarah about items they wanted 😅
I didn’t plan on buying anything, but it just happened! I just wanted a backpack, but I walked out with clothes. I bought stuff for others as well ✌🏾

After lunch at 10 Barrel Brewing Co., Jeremiah looked for a carry on since he had been wanting one. Turns out, I ended up buying one too!

After we bought luggage, we went to Ground Kontrol which is an arcade bar. The arcade had a ton of old school games & pinball machines. I wish we were able to go here the night before because we were exhausted at this point. Nevertheless, I still had fun.

& that concludes our little trip to Oregon! For where we ate, click here.

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