Our First Time Together at Heavenly

Two weeks ago Jeremiah & I went to Heavenly for the first time with a couple of friends. We took a day trip out there because we didn’t plan ahead on staying a night, which is something that I probably prefer from now on considering how far it was & how tired Jeremiah & I were. We both had a long week, but Jeremiah was hyped because he’s been wanting to go snowboarding the whole season.

We didn’t get rain until late February, so it was actually a perfect time to go snowboarding with how soft the snow was.

Unfortunately Jeremiah & I only got to do two runs because I was dying (okay, I really wasn’t, but it felt like my body was). I feel like I need more practice getting comfortable with my balance because I can’t seem to ever really control it. I wanted to do one more run & I know Jeremiah really wanted to do one too, but we stayed while our friends went ahead. My body just couldn’t take it anymore. I messed up my right arm somehow & it hurt so bad whenever I raised my arm past my shoulder.

I wish our visit was better, but Jeremiah & I might go again alone so I can redeem myself because I got so messed up this time around. My first time is still the worst though!

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