Our First Time Together at Sequoia National Park

As a post-Valentine’s celebration & just to make use of our long weekend, we decided to venture out. We were so indecisive about what to do. It went from doing something local, to exploring, to going out of state to make use of our companion pass, & then back to exploring.
We were so unprepared, which honestly isn’t normal (if you know me, you know I like sticking to a strict itinerary). I blame it on being indecisive with our plans, but we still enjoyed our time even with all the trial & error.

We had originally planned on leaving Friday night, but there was an issue with my lens being stuck at UPS on Friday (FYI: don’t ever leave your packages at UPS on Mission College Blvd., Santa Clara). Thankfully, BorrowLenses was able to refund us & understood the situation.

We left Saturday morning instead & headed straight to Sequoia National Park. We luckily made it in time before sunset because we hit a bit of traffic on the way there. I assumed it was all the travelers going out of town for the long weekend.

The first stop we made was the Foothills Visitor Center to get our passport stamps & check out their merchandise. We went home with two stickers to put on our Hydroflasks 😊

The next stop we made was on the way to Moro Rock. The viewpoint was spectacular, so we just had to stop by & capture it.


Afterwards, we headed to Moro Rock, which we thought you would be able to park at & climb up the stairs. However, the road to go there was closed, so we parked at the main lot right next to the museum.

The hike up towards Moro Rock was only 1.5 miles, which isn’t bad at all. We’ve hiked longer distances at higher elevation. Kids were doing it & even people pushing strollers up there, so I’m sure it’s doable for anyone.


Once we made it to Moro Rock, we made the trek up the stairs & reached the very top! It’s not as bad as Diamondhead State Monument in Hawaii, but we didn’t bring water because we didn’t think the road was going to be closed. We always underestimate ourselves thinking we won’t need water. We always end up needing it during the times we don’t bring any 😅


We finally made it to the top & I can’t even put into words how beautiful the view was. It’s one of those things that you just have to see in person.


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I wanted to stay longer until the sun fully set so I could capture the stars, but it was getting cold & we had to walk back to the car. I hope I’ll be able to stay past sunset the next time we visit.

The next day we went had breakfast at this cozy diner & went back to the park.


We checked out two spots. The next few photos with the waterfall wasn’t actually a place we planned on visiting. We didn’t go to the right spot, but at least we know now for our next visit. It was still a pretty sight to see nonetheless!


After the mini waterfall, we went to the Big Tree Falls trail which was super easy. It was completely paved, so kids or older folk can do this. Because it’s still Winter, the meadow didn’t look as fantastic as I’ve seen in photos online. I definitely want to see it again when the park is in full bloom.



We also stopped by on the highway because the view was too great to pass. It kind of looks like a desert track from Mario Kart.

I know this post sounds like I have cons about the place, but we were just unprepared! We kind of just winged the plan & rolled with it. It’s still a gorgeous place to visit & definitely something to add to your own adventure list 😊

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