Our First Time Together at the Oakland Museum of California

Oakland Museum of California

I wanted to go to this museum because of a special exhibit, but we missed it by 5 days. We still enjoyed our time here nonetheless. It was our first time & we would definitely go back again.
I feel like I don’t see many people post about Oakland, but this is a cool place to visit if you live in the Bay Area & enjoy museums.
The first floor is my favorite. It takes you through some of Oakland’s history (all of which I didn’t know of until this visit).

There are several spots where visitors can find interactive pieces such as answering questions with hand-written post-its. I think this is a great idea so the city can hear more from its community.

Peter Pettigrew can get the pesticide

Guardian’s of the Galaxy

The second floor was more about pop culture & history. There were some interactive spots on this floor too.

This area was one of our favorites because of how interactive it was. You can sit & draw, create your own animation, or make your own sounds at the ‘Foley Stage’.

The third & last floor was more contemporary & modern art.

A mini video I made of our visit here!

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