Our First Time Together at Hearst Castle

Hearst Castle

Jeremiah & I are currently watching the 49ers game & it’s so good! My sister & brother-in-law are there right now. I can imagine how fun it must be to watch this game right now. Jeremiah gave them the tickets & field passes. The field passes enable you to get down to the field & watch the players warm up. No one wanted our tickets & we weren’t able to go because today is Jeremiah’s family party for Christmas Eve.
Now, onto what I originally wanted to talk about in this post: our first time together at Heart Castle! I had been to Hearst Castle a couple of years ago with my family & I haven’t seen it since. Jeremiah had said that he had never been, so we decided to do something new together as part of his birthday weekend! I know I haven’t been able to update this blog pretty much ALL month because I’ve been busy. So, look forward to more posts coming this week since I have so much to blog about!
Jeremiah & I drove straight to Hearst Castle from the Bay Area. We actually arrived earlier than our tour time, so we walked around a bit before heading to the shuttle.

Jeremiah & I did the Grand Rooms Tour, which is the same tour as the one that I had done a couple of years ago. They have different tours for other rooms in the castle, but Jeremiah wanted to do the Grand Rooms Tour & plus, I don’t remember much from my last visit, so I didn’t mind checking it out again.
They have a decent size gift shop, dining area, & a few plaques talking about the history of Hearst Castle.

You must arrive at least 30 minutes early for your tour because if you miss the tour bus, you’re forced to take the next available tour.
They are also strict with their rules such as: no flash photography, no tripods, no food or drink, no large backpacks, etc. You also must use the restroom before your tour!
When I went with my family a couple of years ago, I do not remember the ride up to the castle or how long it took.

Pictured below is the Neptune Pool undergoing construction. When I went here with my family a couple of years ago, the pool was not filled either.
Who else wishes to take a dip in the Neptune Pool?! I imagine how cool it must be to swim in that grand pool. I read somewhere a while ago that employees used to be able to swim there, but I am unsure if that’s true.

Our tour guide took our group outside before we finally made our way inside the castle.

Look at the stunning details of the statues! It’s nice that they’re still preserved after all these years.

I absolutely love the intricate details here.

Look at the details of the fireplace!

The tapestries picture in the next few photos are very old & extremely expensive (okay, everything inside is expensive, I know. lol). My parents had 2-3 tapestries in our old home. They probably got the idea of tapestries from our visit here. lol.

They had a massive tree up as well! I thought that the castle was going to be more decorated, but I’m assuming that they want to preserve the antiques & don’t want to hang up too much stuff.

Our tour guide mentioned that some designers for the Harry Potter movies came to Hearst Castle & gathered inspiration from this dining room for the film’s Great Hall. It kind of does look like it, huh?

At the end of our tour, we were free to wander outside, but we were not allowed back inside.

Jeremiah & I roamed outside & took photos before making our way back to the visitor’s center.

Our last stop was the Roman Pool which you can see on the way back to the tour bus. I also wish to swim in here one day! Ugh, the style of everything is so beautiful!

I don’t even remember seeing this extra area to swim (pictured below) when I last visited.

Once we hopped back onto our tour bus, there was still some history to cover on our way back to the visitor’s center.

Pictured below is Hearst Castle’s zoo.

Overall, Jeremiah & I enjoyed our time. I’m glad that we’re able to cross this off of our list of things to do together.

Of course, we couldn’t leave without a souvenir magnet!

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