Our First Time Together at Union Square’s Annual Tree Lighting Ceremony

Union Square’s Annual Tree Lighting Ceremony

One of the holiday events that I mentioned in this post here, is Union Square’s Annual Tree Lighting Ceremony.
Jeremiah & I had never been to their Annual Tree Lighting Ceremony. We’ve only just taken photos with the tree over the years. We wanted to try something new & see how big of a deal it was & it definitely is a very big deal. There were about 8,000 people there as they announced at the ceremony.
We got about this close to the tree (photo below) & decided it was best to stand farther away to get a better view of the tree being lit from afar.

There were performances there like UsTheDuo! I’m not sure if they have performances every year as this is our first time at this event.

The tree actually doesn’t light up until after the performances. The whole ceremony started at 5 PM & they lit the tree around 6:50 PM.

We tried our best to get a photo with the GoPro, but it was so crowded & being in large crowds makes me anxious sometimes, so we decided to come back another time to take a photo with the tree whenever we plan on ice skating.

& there it is!

Overall, is it something we plan on doing again? Probably not. The Christmas tree in Union Square is up until January, so we could always come back to take a better photo with it. Plus, we want to try ice skating together this year. Jeremiah has never ice skated in his life whereas I’ve tried it once with my friends years ago when I was in high school. Once we go, I’ll probably post how our experience went!

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