Canon Sure Shot TELEMax

Canon Sure Shot TELEMax

Last month I was thrift shopping for my Halloween costume & came up on this baby! It was only $3.99, so I thought, “Why not!”
So far, there is literally almost no cosmetic wear!

It even came with a camera case & camera strap.

Can you tell how there are almost no signs of cosmetic wear? Whoever the previous owner was, they must’ve taken great care of the camera, but I can’t confirm that yet as I have yet to take photos with it.

There was also a battery still inside, but there wasn’t any trace of battery corrosion, so my only guess is that it was taken care of or properly stored?

*ADVICE* Even if you properly store your film cameras, it is never a good idea to leave the batteries inside because you could develop battery corrosion or permanently damage your camera. It is always advised to take the batteries out of any film camera when it is not in use.

Thankfully the battery needed for this camera wasn’t hard to find unlike my Minolta SR-T 202 or Minolta X-370? (I can’t remember which one had a battery that was hard to find as they are rarely sold in stores).

I bought the battery at Walgreens & replaced the old one.

Once I replaced the battery, the camera started right up!

Since I got this last month, I didn’t want to shoot with it yet. I wanted to finish the roll from my fisheye which you can see here. Now that I finished my Fisheye roll, I can’t wait to start using this! I’m taking it out this weekend, so I’m crossing my fingers real hard & hoping that the camera fully functions & the photos turn out well!

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