35mm Film from my Fisheye

35mm Film from my Fisheye

I haven’t taken any film photos in a while since film developing is expensive, but I started this roll at the beginning of this summer & I am so happy with the turn out!
Camera: Lomography Fisheye
Film Type: CVS 400

There was a huge light leak on the first photo, which was the only one to be affected, but I didn’t mind it! I think accidental light leaks can add character to a photo. These photos were taken at my nephew’s first soccer game ⚽️


The last couple of photos I took from the roll were at the Dell’Osso Pumpkin Patch 🎃







There are more photos of my family from the roll, but I prefer to keep those separate on my personal Facebook account.
My sister wanted me to develop her rolls of film too, so I brought it to the same place I get my photos developed. The ones that survived turned out great!

Where I Get My Film Developed

I get my film developed at Foto Express in San Jose, CA!
I could get my film developed at a cheaper rate at places like CVS, Walgreens, Rite Aid, or other photo shops, but I specifically go to Foto Express because of the awesome service & quality. Henry is so nice & helpful. He also gives you advice & tries to help out about camera troubles or information about developing. I also brought in a bad roll of film once (one that I didn’t properly wind) hoping that I could salvage it & when I came back to pick up my rolls of film, he didn’t charge me for it. Instead, he gave me advice to learn for the next time I shot with film. He is also flexible with time & will even stay open later than the shop closing time so you can come by after work or school to pick up your photos. I told him I commute from SF & he offered to stay open a little later until I got back. He was so kind to offer, but I didn’t mind waiting until I was free to pick them up! 😭🙏🏾 Henry has always been super great & I love the quality of my photos when I get them developed there. It’s 100% worth the rate he charges.

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