Our Sixth Time Together at the Pumpkin Patch + Throwbacks

Our Sixth Time Together at the Pumpkin Patch: Dell’Osso Family Farm

Jeremiah & I went to Dell’ Osso a couple of days ago & I had a great time. haha. He thinks it’s weird that I love going to there so much. He never thought it was all that great, but I think it’s only because he grew up around it that he never saw it as a big deal. I love it, though.

Food Vendors

The first thing we did was eat because we were starving! We got our usual strawberry lemonade (my fave thing there) & some hot dogs.

Dell’Osso Express Train

After eating, we rode on the express train, which you can see in the video on my next post ๐Ÿš‚

Lawn Gamesย 

After the train ride, we played a few lawn games. Jeremiah said that he doesn’t remember these ever being there. We took advantage of the opportunity to play since there weren’t any crowds.

Hay Ride

After playing some lawn games, we waited for the Hay Ride. Once the next tractor came by, Jeremiah & I hopped on with a couple of other people.
The Hay Ride takes you around the pumpkin patch & you learn about the history of the Dell’Osso Family Farm as well as up-to-date information about what’s coming in the future.

Dell’Osso Country Store

After a few activities, we checked out the Country Store to see what they were selling. They have a ton of souvenirs & even more treats inside.
We hungout a bit to keep ourselves cool (Autumn apparently doesn’t exist yet).

Pumpkin Patch

After chillin’ for a bit, we headed over towards the pumpkin patch before going to the next activity.

Corn Maze

After the pumpkin patch, Jeremiah & I did the corn maze & it was way better than the first time we did it!
I thought that doing the corn maze with the sun still out was going to be hot, but it actually felt cool. I’m going to assume it’s because the crops stand tall that it keeps the temperature down on the inside?
We finally reached the top of one of these!
I recommend doing the corn maze around sunset because the view was amazing. It was nice watching the sun go down over the corn maze.

Mystery Tour Ride

After the corn maze, we did the Mystery Tour Ride. It was so awesome & definitely worth checking out if you’re here! I didn’t take any photos during the ride, but you can check out the end of my video in my next post. It was so awesome I wish I had done this ride the previous times we visited here.

Dell’Osso Country Store

After the Mystery Tour Ride, we headed back to the Country Store & got a brownie before heading home. I really, really wanted to do the Haunted House, but I could tell Jeremiah didn’t want to do it & plus, he had trouble breathing with all the dirt everywhere & he forgot his inhaler, so we decided to go home. Okay, that sounds like an excuse, but that’s half the truth. The other half of the truth is that I really, really wanted to do the Haunted House too, but I wanted to do it with a group. hahaha.
The Country Store had so many cute souvenirs, decoration, trinkets, etc. It honestly reminded me of the Disney channel movie, “Halloweentown”. That’s what it felt like when I stepped into the store.

We Got Our Pumpkins!

We also got our pumpkins! We’re carving them tonight, but I’ll make a separate post about that later ๐Ÿ˜‰

Our First Time Together at the Pumpkin Patch

October 25, 2012

The first time I’ve ever been to a pumpkin patch with Jeremiah was in 2012. We went toย ABC Tree Farms & Pick of the Patch Pumpkinsย (I’m pretty sure it was this one since it’s the only one I could find in East Side San Jose). I didn’t think of it being “too late” to get one, but I’m probably only thinking that cause I remember not seeing very many pumpkins there. We just picked out the best looking pumpkins & left because we were leaving for SoCal a couple of hours later.

Their pumpkin patch is a great option if you don’t want to make far drives out anywhere & just want to pick out a pumpkin. They also have jump houses for kids. Unfortunately, that’s all I can remember from my experience there.

Our Second Time Together at the Pumpkin Patch

(Rank #1)

October 26, 2013

I had wanted to experience a better pumpkin patch, so I remember Jeremiah saying that his hometown, Lathrop had a huge one with a ton of activities. It’s actually quite a big deal there. Ever sine then, I’d have to say that the Dell’Osso Family Farms is my favorite Pumpkin Patch in Northern California. haha.

& these photos are from our scrapbook album, so the quality might look kind of off due to the glare!

Before picking out any pumpkins, I had expressed so bad that I wanted to do the maze, so we tried it & I think we got a little lost. LOL. I stayed calm & spent time taking photos while Jeremiah looked kind of worried ๐Ÿ˜‚

After the maze, we picked out our pumpkins & headed home.
Yes, I kept the old map! I like to keep all of our little memories.
  • Reasons why I rank Dell’Osso Family Farms #1
    • Their General Admission wristband is a flat rate, & it allows you access to a ton of activities such as the corn maze, haunted castle, express train, hay ride, super slide, kiddie coaster, kiddie ferris wheel, kiddie swings, etc.
    • The food selection is great
    • The pumpkin patch has a great selection of pumpkins; big & small
For more info about their pumpkin patch, click here.

Our Third Time Together at the Pumpkin Patch

(Rank #3)

October 25, 2014

The third time we went to a pumpkin patch was at Spina Farmsย in San Jose, off of Santa Teresa. I don’t remember why we hadn’t gone to Dell’Osso this year, but I’m just going to assume that it was too far & we were too busy to find the time to make the drive out there.

  • Reasons why I rank Spina Farms #3
    • Great selection of pumpkins
    • Cute photo ops with the different painted board signs
    • They have a few activities such as, train ride, haystack ride, pony ride, petting zoo, etc.
For more info about their pumpkin patch, click here.

Our Fourth Time Together at the Pumpkin Patch

(Rank #2)

October 24, 2015

The fourth time Jeremiah & I went to the pumpkin patch, we went with my family. This is also the first time we had ever been to Uesugi Farms Pumpkin Park. My sister mentioned that it was the best one in the area!
Unfortunately, we don’t have any photos together during our time here, but I think it’s because we were just looking forward to the food. LOL.

  • Reasons why I rank Uesugi Farms Pumpkin Park #2
    • They have a ton of activities such as, train rides, corn maze, pumpkin weigh-off, pumpkin blasters, etc. They also have a ton of kid-friendly activities such as the cow ride, carousel, petting zoo, pony ride, etc.
    • Great selection of pumpkins. They also have a mini pumpkin patch for kids.
    • The food is great too
For more info about their pumpkin patch, click here.

Our Fifth Time Together at the Pumpkin Patch

(Rank #1)

October 18, 2016

To read & see photos of our fifth time together at the Pumpkin Patch, click here.
We went back to Dell’Osso last year & although it was a great time, I don’t recall us doing any activities. I also don’t think we had the time to spend the whole day there. This year, we’re going to use our general admission wristbands to the fullest!

Honorable Mentions

Jeremiah & I didn’t go to these pumpkin patches together because
1) We didn’t know of each other’s existence then (lol)
2) We already have our favorite one
But I felt that these deserve mentioning because they are fine if you are just trying to pick out a nice pumpkin & don’t care about other activities.

–ย ABC Tree Farms & Pick of the Patch Pumpkins

October 12, 2008
This place is another nice option if you just want to pick out a pumpkin without having to drive too far out of the area (Santa Clara). They have several jump houses for kids at this location.
For more info about their pumpkin patch, click here.

–ย J.E. Perry Farms

October 20, 2007
This is the first pumpkin patch I have EVER been to. This place is decent if you just want to grab a pumpkin & take a few photos.
For more info about their pumpkin patch, click here.

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