Color Factory

Color Factory

Two weeks ago, Jeremiah & I went to a popup art museum called “Color Factory” in San Francisco.
We arrived earlier than our time slot (6:30 PM) & since we were early, they let us in with the 6:00 PM group. They are less strict on time constraints vs. Museum of Ice Cream. Everyone was allowed to spend as much time in the museum as they wanted. You are also able to move back to rooms previously visited as you please.

Upon entering, you walk down this colorful set of stairs & all the way down until you are stopped. There, a Color Factory employee will discuss the rules to your group, give you a photo card, & instruct you on how to use it to take photos throughout your museum visit.


The first room we entered was set up with iPads to register your photo card. Registering it allows the Color Factory to send your photos directly to your e-mail. After registering, a wall is set up on the other side with small, colorful, scented circles.

This room also serves little treats at the back (only one treat per visitor).


The next room is a little one that serves “Charcoal Lemonade”. I don’t recall tasting anything from it, but it was nice to try.


This room was interesting as it had a ton of different items & trinkets. Obviously, the room’s items were all different shades of orange.


The Balloon Bath room was one of the rooms that Jeremiah & I spent a long time in because we were waiting for every other visitor to get their photos in. It is such a small room & it’s also extremely humid. It’s best to just wait for others to take their photos & then enter as it gets really stuffy. This room is one of the spots where you can use your photo card to take pictures.


The Disco Room felt magical! The room was so beautifully lit because of how many little disco balls were hung from the ceiling.


This room is right next to the Disco Room. You put the different colored “sticks” into the holes (TWSS). This room was my least favorite, but to each their own.


This room was cute & we felt so tiny compared to the big green markers.

There are only two markers in this room, so be patient as every visitor wants a turn to try it.


This was one of my favorite pieces of work there. Who knew everyone could get so giddy over different colored ribbons?

It’s nice to frolic through ribbons. They make for a cute Boomerang.


Upon leaving The Wonderful World of Abstraction room, you might miss this colored elevator. It takes you the same place as the stairs. 


In the same hallway as the Colored Elevator, are restrooms & a huge mirror. We decided to take some photos here because why the hell not?! 


This is my third favorite room! It’s not exactly a “room” because it’s just a flight of stairs that lead you up to the next room, but I loved how it was entirely pink. It has a neon glow from the happy face light at the top of the stairs.



The next room we entered was the Selfie room. This one prints out your selfies if you use the hashtag #ColorFactoryCo on Instagram.
Jeremiah & I didn’t use the hashtag & didn’t spend too much time in here because it wasn’t all that interesting to us.


This is definitely the room we spent the most time in! This is another photo card room. It’s also one of the hottest rooms because of how small it is & how many people are there. I wish it was larger, seeing as how difficult it was to get a photo. It takes multiple tries to get a decent picture because how many people are walking around in there.


The Yellow Ball Pit was the room we spent the second most time in. In this room, it is mandatory that every visitor stores their shoes in the cubbies provided & all purses & bags must be hung on the designated wall hooks. We spent so much time in this room because of how big & interactive it was. There are three photo spots in the ball pit that you can use your photo card with.

I advise that you hold onto your phone real tight because we lost Jeremiah’s phone while we were taking photos & we didn’t even realize it right away. I tried calling his phone & turned on “Find my iPhone”, but we couldn’t hear anything. Thankfully we were staying in the same area, so we found his phone after crawling around in the pit for it!


After you finish playing in the ball pit, there’s a mini gift shop that had all things yellow. We were extremely disappointed in the gift shop because of how little selection there was, so we didn’t end up getting anything.


At the end of the room, right next to the All Yellow Shop was a free mini ice cream stand which was a nice little treat to end our visit!

Overall, it was a fun & interactive museum, but my biggest gripe was the heat. I am just going to assume that the building the company rented came without A/C (it is San Francisco after all). If you plan on going, I suggest wearing light clothing.
Couldn’t score tickets to Color Factory & want other museum suggestions? SEE BELOW!

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