Livermore Wine Tasting: Crooked Vine x Stony Ride x Eagle Ridge Vineyard x Page Mill Winery

Livermore Wine Tasting

Over the weekend, my girl fam & I went wine tasting in Livermore, CA. One of my older sisters had never been wine tasting, so it was only right that she finally got to experience it 🍷

Crooked Vine x Stony Ridge

The first stop we went to was Crooked Vine & Stony Ridge. We spent quite a bit of time taking photos at the front because it looked so cute! Can you tell?! (photo below)

It looked exactly how Autumn should look with the leaves changing colors. They also had a few tables set up outside vs. the other seats that they had in the back of the winery.

We all chose to do their ‘Five tastes for $10’ 🍷

You are also able to sit outside in the back of their winery. You’re allowed to come back inside with your tickets to taste a different kind of wine. They have plenty of seating, which is nice if you come with a big group.

We actually spent most of our time here than our other stops. My cousin bought my sister the wine that she had liked the most as a souvenir for her ‘first wine tasting’ 😄

Eagle Ridge Vineyard

Out of all the wineries, this is the only one in the area that does not charge for a tasting fee. This location is also my favorite out of all the ones we visited. I cannot remember exacly, but I think you can taste up to 10 different wines for free.
They had a ton of antiques everywhere, so it felt comfy & family-owned. The owner & the lovely woman helping us were very sweet & kind!

Page Mill Winery

This was our last stop of the day!

One of the first things you see when you park is this little chicken coop 🐔

This location has several seating areas too! They have some long tables if you’re with a big group & a few small ones. I decided to pass on the wine tasting for this last location because I had already started feeling sleepy (yes, I am one of those people that get sleepy after drinking wine! haha).

My sister is more of a coffee & beer drinker, so maybe we’ll try breweries next time 😜

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