Museum of Ice Cream

Museum of Ice Cream | San Francisco, CA

I already posted a few photos from my visit to the Museum of Ice Cream on my personal Facebook & Instagram, so now here are more photos of how the inside looks.
Two weeks ago, my friends & I arrived 30 minutes before our group time (as suggested by the museum). If you do not arrive early before your group time, you risk being put to the next group/time slot, so I advise giving yourself a cushion.
The employees are extremely welcoming & enthusiastic. Before entering the museum, we did a little ice breaker with our names & came up with a group name. I can’t remember what ours was, but I think it had “gummy bears” in it.

Ice Cream History

The first room we entered was the Ice Cream History room where historic dates of ice cream history are placed on the wall.

Ice Cream Vault

After reading through a bit of Ice Cream History, we all headed down to the Ice Cream vault where one of the employees talked a bit about the museum’s history & how they transformed what used to be a bank to this wonderful museum.


After the Ice Cream Vault, we walked into an interactive room. You can toss a few rings around the whip cream bottles. If you make three, they give you a ‘golden ticket’ to grab yourself a little ice cream at the end of the visit. They also have an interactive like video called the “HotPoint App” which is just like a ‘Boomerang’. You can e-mail the video to yourself if you want!

Bi-Rite Creamery

The next room we entered was Bi-Rite Creamery.  We all got a small scoop of ice cream in this room! I’m not sure, but I think someone mentioned that this ice cream is limited to the museum ONLY, so take advantage of it! Jeremiah & I have visited Bi-Rite Creamery in SF before, but I’m glad we got to try a sample of their limited time flavor.

They also have this cute pink jukebox which you are allowed to choose music from. This was one of my favorite rooms because I felt like I was sitting in a diner on the set of Grease or something, except it was pimped out Barbie style. haha.

Make A Statement

The next room was “Make A Statement” which I think we spent the most time in. Well, besides the “Sprinke Room”, which I’ll get to. Keep reading 😉

Prior to this room, Jeremiah was trying to figure out what he wanted to spell out, but I already had something in mind thanks to Brittney Buccat who also visited the Museum of Ice Cream! She did this, but with her Instagram username, so I got the idea from her 💖

This one was already there when we entered, but I thought it was funny.

My friends & I spent so much time in this room because they spelled out all of our names & tried to make it look like an ice cream 🍦

In this room, you also get mochi ice cream!

I got strawberry & Jeremiah got cookies ‘n’ cream. They both tasted delicious!

Cotton Candy

The next little room you enter is the cotton candy room. This room is right in between “Make A Statement” & the “Cherry On Top” room. & yes, you can eat the cotton candy!

Cherry On Top

After some cotton candy, my friends & I took a few photos in here.

Candy Garden

After the “Cherry On Top”, we entered the Candy Garden which felt like I stepped into a real life board game of Candyland! This room isn’t as interactive as the others, but I still thought it was cute to see life-sized looking gummy bears & macarons.

Popsicles, Ice Cream

The next room had huge popsicle statues & ice cream wallpaper. This room is also the second room that has the “HotPoint App” which you can make ‘Boomerang’ like videos with.


The next room serves tiny little ice cream cones & also has the famous unicorn! Yes, you are allowed to sit on it to take photos, but please, be careful!

Little Hideaway in the Unicorn Room

There was a bit of a line to enter the little mirrored room. It’s extremely small & stuffy!

I’m surprised we were able to fit all six of us! We didn’t stay in there too long because of how hot it was.

Rock Candy Cave

The “Rock Candy Cave”‘s only interactive part was the rock climbing wall, but other than that, you can sit & take a photo with the Rock Candy wall. Before we entered the museum, we were all informed that the Rock Candy wall is not allowed to be touched. Please respect the rules when visiting!

The Sprinkle Pool

The longest wait was the “Sprinkle Pool”. Each group is allowed 5 MINUTES ONLY. Yes, they do keep a timer & it sure does feel short! We had so much fun there & I’m sad that we couldn’t hangout there longer.

I don’t know whether there’s a time limit for the Los Angeles location, so my only advice is just to enjoy it while it lasts!


The last stop were the swings! There are a total of 3 swings; the bananas, pink wall, & whip cream. We tried out all three & I’d have to say that my favorite swing was the whip cream one. I thought it was the cutest.

Museum of Ice Cream Gift Shop

There is an ice cream vendor at the end of the swings for visitors to redeem their ‘golden ticket’ coupons. There is also a ping pong table at the end of the visit & yes, you can play too!

Right before we all left, we checked out the gift shop. They had so many cute items & it took Jeremiah & I awhile to figure out what souvenir to get.

We were planning on getting hats, but we didn’t think the price of $29 for a pink hat was worth it, so we got pins instead. We’re pin obsessed!
I’m also not sure whether you’re allowed to visit the gift shop without going through the museum, but that is definitely something you can research if you want to see their merchandise!

I hope you enjoy the photos from my visit! For more information, visit their website & sign up for their newsletter for updates on extensions, new tickets, or special events!
Couldn’t score tickets to the Museum of Ice Cream & want other museum suggestions? SEE BELOW!

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