Legion of Honor: Degas, Impressionism, & the Paris Millinery Trade

Legion of Honor

Last month, my sister & I visited the Legion of Honor to check out their Degas, Impressionism, & the Paris Millinery Trade exhibition since it was only there for a limited time.
The Legion of Honor is my favorite museum in the Bay Area. I’ve visited a couple of times over the years with my sister. The last time I visited was last year (here), when Jeremiah & I went for the first time together.
On the Legion of Honor’s website, they state that limited exhibitions don’t allow photography, but found that out after I had already brought my camera. I hid my camera behind my cardigan & didn’t take any photos until more visitors started flowing in & took photos.
I didn’t want to break any rules, so I asked a museum employee if it was okay to take photos with my camera. He said that I was allowed to take photos, as long as there was no flash photography.
If you plan to visit the Legion of Honor or any museum, research what they permit as different rules may apply.

I was quite fond of the details in the women’s hats. This one (photo below) is one of my favorites that I saw. It’s amazing how the intricate details are applied to a hat & make it stand out.

My sister & I didn’t walk around the rest of the museum, but we did find time to check out the small Mummy exhibition. I think it was also there for only a limited time, but I am not sure. It was interesting to see a mummy up close. I wanted to check out a mummy exhibition a couple of years ago at the De Young museum, but it was only there for a limited time.

This past weekend I went to the Museum of Ice Cream with friends & I can’t wait to share photos of my visit, so stay tuned!

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