Downtown Disney

Downtown Disney

The last day of my birthday weekend getaway, Jeremiah & I spontaneously decided to check out Downtown Disney. The night before, I had just seen an Instagram story that Disneyland slowly put out some Halloween merchandise, so OF COURSE we had to check it out. Plus, Jeremiah really wanted to check for any new pins since our last visit.
I also would like to note that Downtown Disney’s parking/visit policy has changed. They no longer allow you to park for free at Downtown Disney if you don’t spend at least $20 at a store or restaurant. This was a policy not in place before. Visitors used to be able to park at Downtown Disney for free, but now you HAVE to make a minimum purchase of $20 in Downtown Disney & then get your parking ticket validated.
Here are some cute pins I saw:

I love this mug! It is so cute that Eeyore & Winnie-the-Pooh are the handles ☺️

Some cute treats!

Look at how cute this card is!

We got a treat to share on the way home 🍭

Another Time We Went to Downtown Disney (without going to Disneyland)

For more pictures of another time we went to Downtown Disney together without going to Disneylandclick here.

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