Our Third Time Together at Universal Studios

Universal Studios

Jeremiah & I woke up really early because we didn’t want to run into traffic on the way to Universal Studios. After we got ready, we headed straight to Universal Studios, parked, & looked for a place to grab breakfast.
Most of the restaurants on CityWalk were something that you would eat during the afternoon or evening. As we were walking, we spotted VooDoo Donuts, which is one of the places that we didn’t try when we traveled to Oregon. We were tired, so we wanted coffee & also grabbed a regular chocolate donut just to have something in our stomachs before we endured the day.

After having coffee & a donut, we checked out the Universal Studios Store to check out any merchandise we’d like to bring home later. If you want some Harry Potter merchandise & don’t have the money to spend on a ticket to enter the actual park, you can check out this store instead because they have a great selection. They even have some of the wands!
After checking out some stores, we finally made our way into Universal Studios!

We spent quite a bit of time checking out stores for any cool merchandise to bring home. We were also unaware of the fact that they started doing Pin Trading (yes, just like Disneyland). We’re pin traders at Disneyland, so we hopped on the nerd train & got ourselves lanyards & pins for here too 😊

After checking out some stores, we made our way to the Studio Tour (one of our favorite things to do there). The line wasn’t as long since we went sometime later in the morning. I’m sure it’s always longer right when the park opens because people would rather go when the sun isn’t at its peak. It wasn’t that hot at the time we went though.
Here’s some photos from the Studio Tour:

After the Studio Tour, we were finally ready for an actual meal. We always eat at the Three Broomsticks because we like their portions.

After lunch, we walked around some Harry Potter stores to see if there were any cool pins.

My brother & his girlfriend were in Southern California & went to Universal Studios too, but by the time we arrived, they had just left for San Diego. My brother bought the activated wand the actual weekend that Universal Studios opened the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. He tried using it during his visit this time, but it didn’t work. An employee told him he could go inside Ollivander’s to see if there was anything they could do, but my brother told me that the wait time to enter Ollivander’s was 30 minutes long & they didn’t want to wait.
After he told me this, I asked him what he was talking about because you can enter Ollivander’s & get a wand WITHOUT doing the Wand Experience. He didn’t know this & it’s okay because I didn’t know either the first time I went. There’s a little blue door on the side of Ollivander’s that you can enter to check out or purchase wands. I felt bad that he didn’t know because maybe he could’ve gotten it fixed or possibly replaced. He was only able to use the wand once & it’s expensive, so it’s all just unfortunate. Hopefully they’ll be able to do something about the wand the next time they visit.

We didn’t stay too long in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter because we already planned on spending most of our time there during the evening to catch the new light show.
We went on the The Walking Dead Attraction & unfortunately no photos or recording was allowed. They have workers inside constantly telling you to put away your devices, so there aren’t any photos from the experience, but if you’re from the Bay Area, it’s kind of like the Halloween Haunt. People hide & jump out to scare you.
After The Walking Dead Attraction, we checked out the Special Effects Show, which I didn’t take any photos of, but we both loved it! We’ve been here twice before & this is the first time we ever knew about the Special Effects Show. The show is an exclusive look behind-the-scenes how stunts, effects, & technology is used in films & television. I highly recommend checking this show out along with the Studio Tour, especially if you’re into film.

After the Special Effects Show, we headed back to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, walked around some shops, practiced our spells/magic with our wands, & waited for the light show.

Thankfully the light show isn’t long like the ones at Disneyland (don’t get me wrong, I love all the shows there haha) because it’s more of a show that you need to stand the entire time. The show is only 10 minutes long & they start again every 10-15 minutes. We watched it twice because we enjoyed it so much.

After we finished watching the second light show, we finally headed home!

Jeremiah & I did checked out more places at Universal Studios than photographed in this post, but I didn’t want to spend too much time taking a photo of every single thing we did. I wanted to spend time in the moment & enjoy our time together.

Our Second Time Together at Universal Studios

For more pictures of our first time together at Universal Studios, click here.

Our First Time Together at Universal Studios

For more pictures of our first time together at Universal Studios, click here.

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