Our First Time Together at the Getty Villa & the Santa Monica Pier

The Getty Villa

The first thing we did for my birthday weekend was check out the Getty Villa. We went to the Getty Museum/Center in 2015 which you can read about & check out photos of here. Since then, the Getty Villa has always been on our list of places to go & I’m glad we were finally able to cross this off our list.

Most of the exhibits were temporarily closed due to renovations, which we both didn’t know about, but we didn’t mind it too much.

We were pretty amazed by this mummy. Prior to this trip, we had recently watched the new Mummy movie starring Tom Cruise. We also watched the ones with Brendan Fraser when we were younger. We both thought it was cool to be able to see a preserved mummy in real life.

The pool was unfortunately not filled with water because it’s still undergoing repairs. Hopefully it will be filled whenever we visit this place again.

The Santa Monica Pier

We have never been to the Santa Monica Pier, but we see it often enough on our Instagram feed. Well, maybe it’s more like I’m the one that often sees people post about it because I follow many people who live in Southern California.
I didn’t know we were also going here, so this was a complete surprise too. We arrived sometime around 6 PM & parking wasn’t an issue for us. Plenty of people were actually leaving as we were arriving, but there was still plenty of visitors!
As you can see in the photo below, it was a hot day & everyone wanted to be at the beach. Maybe it normally looks like this on a Saturday ๐Ÿ˜…

We walked around the Santa Monica Pier, checked out the little stores, bought fruit & munched on it, & then checked out what else the pier had to offer.

this is what support looks like haha

We checked out the games & rides, which were quite underwhelming to be honest. I thought that the Santa Monica Pier would be bigger & have more games, & more rides. We were slightly disappointed.

Although it was nice for the both of us to experience something new, I’d say this would be a hard pass if you ever plan on visiting. If you’re from the Bay Area, just stick to & appreciate our Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk because it has way more to offer.

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