Our Fourth Time Together at the Alameda County Fair

Alameda County Fair

Over the weekend Jeremiah & I went to the Alameda County Fair. It’s a tradition we’re trying to keep up with & it’s one of our favorite things to do during the summer.

This year we actually got a deal on Groupon & even though tickets are not that expensive to begin with, a deal is still a deal!

We entered through the back lot this time, which has two lanes (ticket sales & express lane) as shown below. The express lane is for those that bought their tickets ahead of time.

Also, I apologize for the horrible photos! I didn’t bring my camera & I only used my GoPro. I’m not used to taking photos with the GoPro & I’m also not familiar with the settings.

Jeremiah & I didn’t really play any games this year because we didn’t like the prizes. Also, the point system is confusing.

We only walked away with two prizes & one of them was a Bulbosaur Pokemon, which we both thought was better than most of the prizes. We both feel like the prizes are progressively becoming worse. When we went 2 years ago here, we were able to win two big prizes & they were both cute.

Jeremiah & I had a list of things we wanted to eat, but we didn’t actually get everything on our list because we were just too full. We’ve both been talking about our food intake lately & we just can’t seem to consume a lot of sugar all at once like we used to. We’re getting too old! lol

Some of the things we always get are the kebobs & horchata!

& guess what else we got?! Pineapple dole whip! & IT. TASTES. EXACTLY. LIKE. THE. ONE. AT. DISNEYLAND. YES. Jeremiah & I were in so much shock. There has to be someplace else that sells pineapple dole whip so that we don’t only have to go to Disneyland for it.

& we shared a churro too!

*TIP*: Get the churro from the vendor that sells the horchata because their churros are larger & more fresh than other vendors that sell churros πŸ˜‰

Next year if the prizes get even worse, we probably won’t play any games. It just doesn’t seem worth it anymore, but we’ll still go for the food. lol. I hope that the prizes are better next year, but I’m not holding out too much hope for it.

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