Warriors Parade 2017

Warriors Parade 2017

Last week my friends & I attended the Warriors Parade. I was actually hesitant about going because
1) I had been to the previous parade & wanted to sleep in (lol)
2) There was a shooting last year after my friends & I left & I was scared to go again

But I felt more comfortable when I found out we were going with a bigger group than the previous time & I was also excited for one of my best friends who was unable to make it to the previous parade.

They were handing out free shirts & luckily my friends & I were all able to grab one!

The major difference between this parade experience & my previous parade experience was the security lines. We all didn’t know that in order to watch the parade with everyone, you have to pass through security that was at all checkpoints to enter the parade viewing area. They WERE NOT allowing any beach or folding chairs to make extra space because they estimated that this parade was going to be larger than the last. Luckily my friends were able to sneak their folding chairs in because the security said to us, “You know what? I don’t even care anymore.” I think she was just so fed up with people trying to sneak stuff in that she just let us go πŸ˜‚


For bandwagon fans or people who have never been to a parade before, THIS IS NOT MY FIRST RODEO. I have been to the previous Warriors Parade & I even wrote about it hereΒ & I have also been to a Giants Parade.
There were some “fans” yelling that they couldn’t see because my friends & I were standing on a bucket & chairs, so here are a few reasons why you’re stupid πŸ˜‰
1. Seating & viewing is FIRST COME, FIRST SERVE just like when you go to concerts or festivals like Coachella, Outside Lands, & EDC. If you want to get a good view, wake up at 3 AM like we did & get there early.
2. You cannot see? Okay, wow, tell me something new because I am 24 years old & unlike you, this is going to be my height for the rest of my life. I cannot see A LOT of things. For example, the sun visor in the car does nothing for me because I am short.Β 
This is me at concerts for my entire life.

3. In the first photo below, there is a man on the right with a Warriors hat, black sunglasses, & a beard. Standing on our bucket & stools, we were just as tall as him. If we were that tall, would you tell us to move to the back because you couldn’t see? He was literally at the front of the gate unlike us & did you tell him to move to the back because you couldn’t see? No. You wouldn’t tell a tall person in the front, “Hey, move to the back! We can’t see!” because it’s first come, first serve. Same thing applies. You wouldn’t understand that because you’re not short.

4. You don’t know what it’s like to be short ANDΒ a Photographer. I cannot capture most things due to my height. You know what else? Once the parade & buses drive by, people raise their arms & cheer which gets into my camera view AS SHOWN IN THESE PHOTOS.
5. You’re mad because we outsmarted you & you didn’t think of it first. Like I said, this wasn’t my first parade.
When I went to the Giants Parade, I couldn’t see anything because I didn’t arrive early to get a good viewing/seat, of my height, & I didn’t bring a bucket like a ton of other Giants fans did. I didn’t get mad or complain to those fans & say, “Hey! I can’t see!” because it was my fault for not arriving early & I thought, “Hey, those people brought buckets to stand on to see better. That’s smart.”

So for all future parades here is a BIG TIP, instead of getting mad that you can’t see due to your lateness or your lack of intelligence,Β BRING A BUCKET!

Enjoy the photos 😊

Klay Thompson & Matt Barnes

Kevin Durant & David West

Shaun Livingston & Patrick McCaw

Warriors Dance Cam Mom

Draymond Green & Kevon Looney

JaVale McGee

Stephen Curry & Ian Clark

Steve Kerr

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