San Diego Eats

This post is long overdue & before you read through the rest of it, I just want to give a shout out to those that recommended these food spots, sightseeing, & activities to do while I was in San Diego! I appreciate everyone’s recommendations & it truly helped with my visit there. Although I wasn’t able to visit all of what was recommended, it gives me more reason to go back & check out what I couldn’t knock off my list.

& thank you to the cousins for hanging out with us & showing us around! & thank you Sheryl for your hospitality 💖 I’ll see you guys in August! 😊

Day 1 in San Diego

Breakfast Republic

For our first day in San Diego, Jeremiah & I went to Breakfast Republic with his cousin Sheryl. I already miss it so much. I wish I had a bigger appetite to finish everything because it was THAT good. Jeremiah & I both ordered the Mushroom & Pesto Eggs Benedict and we both absolutely loved it. Great complementary flavors all around.

The Mushroom ‘n Pesto Benedict

I wasn’t expecting a big plate, but that’s what the French Toast Sampler came on & it was delicious. I’m glad we decided to share because I definitely wouldn’t have been able to finish it all on my own. I loved the Strawberry French Toast the best out of all of them.

The French Toast Sampler

Station Tavern & Burgers

After the San Diego Zoo Safari Park, Jeremiah’s cousins & I all headed to Station Tavern & Burgers to have dinner. The restaurant kind of reminded me of Portland, Oregon! It’s a good place to go if you have a group of friends or family with you. The appetizers come in HUGE portions and there’s good selections for everyone. It’s also dog friendly!

Oh, if you order the large tater tots, it’s THIS big. There was 6 of us eating and we barely finished half of the fries & tots we got lol.

Extraordinary Desserts

After dinner, we headed to Extraordinary Desserts. We stayed there for a while just catching up with the cousins. Apparently they are known for their cakes, but their dessert was great too. Jeremiah & I ordered the Chocolate Strudel, along with some vanilla bean ice cream. It was a great combo. The strudel was warm and delicious. We also got to try their french press coffee and it was soooooo good.

Day 3 in San Diego

Cafe Hue

Jeremiah & I ate at Cafe Hue after we checked out La Jolla. We had time to kill before I met up with my friend, so we decided to just try the place out. It was pretty good, but I probably would’ve enjoyed it more if we had a real breakfast. The crepe was well made and had a lot of different fruits in it.
Nutella & Mixed Fruit

Kung Fu Tea

On the list of recommendations I received from people, Kung Fu Tea was one of them. There was plenty of seating, but it also gets real busy. When we got there to meet up with my friend, it was thankfully still early in the day. Once we got our drinks, the line went out the door and stayed that way for a long time.

Jeremiah got the Winter Melon Milk Tea & I got the Winter Melon Green Tea. I liked his much better than mine 😓 I normally order milk tea, but I didn’t really understand what the difference was when we ordered. The difference was the “milk”. I guess I was slow on that one. 

Ballast Point

After catching up with my friend, Jeremiah & I met up with his cousins & we all headed to Ballast Point-Miramar. Jeremiah would NOT stop talking about this place FOR MONTHS!

& honestly the place was worth the trip. For the tasting flight, you get 6 samples for $2 each, which Jeremiah said is really worth it to try the different kinds of beer. We liked most of the flights, but there were some weird flavors we tried. One of the beers had a spicy flavor and we really did not enjoy it lol. All in all, the beers were great and so were the appetizers. We ordered some duck nachos to share and we killed it quick haha.

Crack Shack

After Jeremiah & I checked out Sunset Cliffs, we met up with his cousins again to eat at Crack Shack. It was a toss up between Soda & Swine & Crack Shack, but his cousins expressed that the Crack Shack is worth going to for their biscuits & they were right! We both loved their mini biscuits (w/ maple butter!). The fried chicken was also great. 

Seating is scarce, so I advise that if you’re with a group of people, have someone try to find a seat while another person orders food. I enjoyed the atmosphere of the place. It seems like a great spot to eat and chill with friends.

They also have a bar & games like cornhole here, so it feels like you’re not exactly at a restaurant, but just a spot to hangout at. It also had a full bar and outdoor seating.

Eclipse Chocolate

After the Crack Shack, we all went to Eclipse Chocolate to catch up & drink coffee. I think we all felt kind of wiped out. We all just ordered coffee and shared a small dessert. I wish we got to try more of their desserts, but we were all so full from eating all day haha.

Day 4 in San Diego

Phil’s BBQ

On our last day in San Diego, we went to Phil’s BBQ because it’s been four years since we last had it 😩 This is one of the best BBQ spots I’ve ever been to. The ribs are cooked so well that the meet just falls off the bone. The sauce is also super good. Jeremiah ordered corn for us too. Yums!

Hammond’s Gourmet Ice Cream

After eating at Phil’s BBQ, we tried Hammond’s Gourmet Ice Cream since this place was also on our list of places to try. The spot wasn’t busy at all, but it could be because it was still quite early in the day. It was also cold during the weekend we visited, so maybe people weren’t exactly in the mood for ice cream.

They have plenty of seating which is great especially if you plan on taking your time trying the ice cream flights.

They have a Waffle Cone Flight & a Cake Cone Flight you can choose from. We both chose the Waffle Cone Flight. I think this is the best way to have ice cream. We got to try 6 different flavors and we liked all of them. There’s even an option to try all 32 of their flavors if you’re feeling brave. Jeremiah & I decided against doing that lol.

Kona Coffee, Chocolate Coconut Macadamia Nut, Green Tea, Birthday Cake, Lychee Cream, & Mango Sorbet

Better Buzz Coffee at Fashion Valley

Since we had time to kill before heading back to the Bay Area, we decided to check out Fashion Valley. Jeremiah got coffee & we checked out some of the shoe stores.

& that concludes our San Diego food spots!

For more food spots that we’ve tried in San Diego or Southern California in the past, click here.

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