Our Second Time Together in La Jolla

La Jolla

The first time Jeremiah & I went to La Jolla it was a much better day. On our third day of vacation, we decided to check out La Jolla in the morning. We loved our first time in the area so much that we wanted to go back & check it out, but it was overcast! We checked out La Jolla Cove last time, so we wanted to visit the tidepools area this time around.


We still tried to make the most of it by exploring a little. Jeremiah said his maps directed us here for tidepools, but we unfortunately didn’t see anything 😓 The tidepools didn’t have any sea-life to check out. It was pretty disappointing. Our visit to the tidepools at Natural Bridges State Beach gave us more sea creatures to look at.

We didn’t stay too long because it was real cold & windy. It was nice to see the beach uncrowded though. The other areas of La Jolla were pretty busy the last time we went. I hope that the next time we visit, it’s a better day because I love the area here. The beach itself is beautiful & has soft sands. On a nice day, it’s one of my favorite beaches to visit.

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