Our Eighth Time Together at Disneyland


The second day of our vacation was spent at Disneyland because Jeremiah really wanted to check out the *new* Guardians of the Galaxy ride. We were actually supposed to go opening weekend, but I’m glad we didn’t because he might not have been able to experience the ride at all. I’ve heard that the wait time on opening day was about 5-6 hours.

Jeremiah & I have never actually been to the park right when it opens, but we came real close one time. But this time, we actually got there when it opened! I’m surprised we were able to wake up as early as we did to drive there from San Diego & beat all the traffic.

After we bought our tickets, we waited in line in front of California Adventure to try & get fast passes for the Guardians of the Galaxy ride.

Once we got in, Jeremiah ran to the fast pass line & I roamed around by myself. lol.

Once he got the fast passes we headed straight to Disneyland & ate breakfast at Carnation Cafe.

We had to wait for about 30 minutes, so we roamed around the shops to see what we wanted to take home for souvenirs & then we went back to Carnation Cafe to eat breakfast.

After breakfast, Jeremiah & I took photos at the castle.

After taking some photos, we headed back to California Adventure so that Jeremiah could ride Guardians of the Galaxy.

Once we got in, I kind of left after like 2 minutes because I didn’t want to ride the ride & I didn’t want to be stuck there if I wasn’t able to get out. While Jeremiah went to ride Guardians of the Galaxy, I roamed around some shops, took photos, & rode the Ariel ride by myself.

After the ride, Jeremiah met up with me & we went back to Disneyland to take photos at the front & to ride Indiana Jones.

After Indiana Jones, we got Dole Whip! They had this Moana Bamboo Sipper that I wanted, but then I decided not to get it because I already have so many cups at home.

After grabbing some Dole Whip, we sat on Main Street & ate.

After Dole Whip, we got fast passes for Space Mountain. Since we were already in Tomorrowland, we checked out the Star Wars store & we also spent time looking for the BB-8 cup, but it was no where to be found. I think that was extremely limited. We’ll never be able to get it ):

After Tomorrowland, we went back to California Adventure to ride Toy Story Midway Mania & Jeremiah got corn on the cob for us to munch on while we waited in line.

ย I ended up losing at Toy Story Midway Mania! UGH. I hope next time I get a win.

After Toy Story Midway Mania, we went to Animation Academy. There was construction going on inside, so we had to enter through another door. We drew Mickey Mouse & my drawing wasn’t that great. The next drawing was Groot & Jeremiah & I stood in line again because we really wanted to do it, but we didn’t want to be late for the Soundsational Parade :/
We checked out the Marvel stores, but they didn’t have as much merchandise as we hoped.

After California Adventure, we went back to Disneyland & I saved a spot for us to sit on Main Street to watch the Soundsational Parade while Jeremiah went to the Plaza Inn to grab food for us.

We didn’t know you could get the food to-go! The cast member told him that he just has to ask in the front that he wants food to-go.

After eating our Plaza Inn meal, we waited for the Soundsational Parade to start.

After the Soundsational Parade, we rode Space Mountain. I’m so glad I took dramamine before the ride because it really worked out for me! I get motion sickness, but I felt pretty okay after the ride.

After Space Mountain, we went all the way to Downtown Disney to check out the shops & grab a churro.

Jeremiah ended up buying a new pin too. I really wanted a new pin or some sort of souvenir, but I just didn’t like anything at the shops.

After looking around the shops, we went to the ESPN Sports Zone to watch the first & second quarter of Game 4 of the NBA Finals. It was way too packed inside, so we sat outside with a bunch of other people.

After catching the first & a few of the second quarter of the game, we headed to Ariel’s Grotto since we had a reservation & Jeremiah ended up getting ice cream on the way there.

Once we checked into Ariel’s Grotto, waited for about 10 minutes before getting seated.

Once we got seated, we looked over what we wanted to order.

I got soup

Jeremiah got salad

I got the “Catch of the Day” which was salmon

The food was so good, but because we ate so many things too late in the day, I felt too full. I ended up getting the meal to-go.

We also watched the game while we had dinner too.

Jeremiah got a sherbert for dessert & I got 3 little ones.

After dinner, we headed to World of Color. If you get a reservation at Ariel’s Grotto, you get Reserved Viewing for World of Color, which I didn’t know you could do. We got seated near the front & it was a great spot to see the whole show.

After World of Color, we were supposed to go back to Disneyland to ride the Peter Pan ride & get souvenirs, but I was just so tired & couldn’t do it. My feet were also hurting real bad. I guess Ultra Boosts just aren’t that comfortable to walk around in all day. When I wore my Nike Roshes during previous trips, my feet didn’t hurt.

Overall, the entire day park hopping wasn’t too bad. Both parks didn’t seem that busy at all & I’m assuming it’s because people are still in school or had graduations to attend. Jeremiah & I felt pretty relaxed the whole day. There weren’t any crazy long lines for the other rides & it wasn’t crowded so we weren’t stressed trying to get from destination A to B. Since it wasn’t crowded, we also realized or seen a few things that we hadn’t seen before. When we plan to go back to Disneyland, I probably want to go back again on a weekday. It just felt great not having to deal with too many people because I get anxious around large crowds sometimes.

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