A Throwback Post: Our Disneyland Trips Together

Jeremiah & I will be going to Disneyland for the EIGHTH time together next week! He really wanted to go because of the new Guardians of the Galaxy ride. We both want to check out the new stuff they added. I’m positive that the line for the Guardians of the Galaxy ride will be long because it just opened recently.

Since we’re both looking forward to going back to Disneyland, I wanted to do a throwback post from the past times we’ve been there together.

Our Seventh Disneyland Trip Together

October 29, 2016

Our seventh Disneyland trip together was a few months ago. I think we both had the weekend off? I can’t remember. I think we went because we didn’t have any Halloween plans & I had just landed my internship at the time. We wanted to do something fun together.
This was our second time experiencing the Halloween theme, but our first time doing Mickey’s Halloween Party!
You can see more photos & read more about this trip here.

Our Sixth Disneyland Trip Together

July 22, 2016

Our sixth time together at Disneyland was actually supposed to be a trip with just me & my friends. Things came up & since Jeremiah & I both had the weekend off, so we went together instead. He didn’t want our time off to go to waste.
You can see more photos & read more about this trip here.

Our Fifth Disneyland Trip Together

August 15, 2015

The fifth time we went to Disneyland together was for my birthday. We only spent one day there park hopping between both parks.
You can see more photos & read more about this trip here.

Our Fourth Disneyland Trip Together

December 5, 2014 – December 6, 2014

Jeremiah & I planned on going to SoCal for his birthday. We spent the weekend going to Disneyland & watched a Lakers game at Staples Center.
We spent one day at Disneyland & the second day at California Adventure. I’d say that out of all the Disneyland trips we’ve had together, this trip was the most successful. We created an itinerary to hit all of the places we wanted to check out, all of the places to dine at, all of the best photo ops, & all of the best rides to go on.

This was also our second time experiencing the holiday theme together. The first time we were able to experience it was our first trip together, but I don’t think we appreciated it at the time.
Of course one of the first things we did was take a photo at the front 😄
After taking some photos, we went to Main Street City Hall to get his birthday button.
We wanted to take photos in front of the castle before it got real busy during the day.

After taking photos, we headed to Carnation Cafe to have breakfast. We both decided that when we get old, we’ll still go to Disneyland, eat breakfast at Carnation Cafe, & sip coffee together on Main Street. The wait time for Carnation Cafe gets long, so make sure you come early!

After breakfast, the first thing we did was head to Adventureland to get fast passes for Indiana Jones Adventure. The wait time for Indiana Jones Adventure always takes long, so we quickly got our fast passes & raced to Tomorrowland to ride Space Mountain, but it was closed down! We were so bummed.
The Iron Man & Thor Innoventions was okay. We both liked looking at the different Iron Man suits. We waited in line for the Treasures of Asgard, but it was a disappointment. We thought it was a ride, but it was just a meet & greet. LOL.
We left Innoventions & got souvenirs at the Star Wars store since we were already in Tomorrowland. We both already knew what we wanted because we made a mental list of what we didn’t get the last time we were here.
After buying some souvenirs, we finally rode Indiana Jones Adventure. The wait time was short because FAST PASSES!
After Indiana Jones Adventure, we got Pineapple Dole Whip 😋
We sat on Main Street eating our snacks while we watched the Christmas Fantasy Parade.
After the parade, we were finally hungry for a meal, so we ate at the Plaza Inn.

After lunch, we headed to Fantasyland to ride on the Peter Pan’s Flight. Peter Pan’s Flight is one of my favorites, but the wait time is always long!

After Fantasyland, we headed back to Tomorrowland because Space Mountain was finally up & running.

Right after Space Mountain, we headed to the Haunted Mansion.

& to end the night of our first day, we watched the Disneyland Fireworks & watched Fantasmic! right after the fireworks. Jeremiah had never watched Fantasmic! before, so I wanted him to experience it.
We spent the second day of our weekend all day at Disney California Adventure.
The first thing we did was take a photo at Cars Land & in front of the Mickey Wheel 😅
We headed to Ariel’s Grotto to eat lunch, but we didn’t know that it’s reservations-only, but we were able to put our name down & wait until something opened up. After we walked around & waited a while, we went back to Ariel’s Grotto & they seated us. I got to take a photo with Ariel!!!!! It was so festive in there. I didn’t know they had Disney Princess/Character Dining. All of the Disney Princesses came in to dance & greet us.
the drink is good, but it creeps up on you!
After eating lunch, we headed to Hollywood Land. We checked out the stores & went to Animation Academy. Idk why, but Jeremiah loves going to the Animation Academy. I think it’s because he’s terrible at drawing & his penmanship is not very good, so he likes the Animation Academy class that teaches him how to draw. LOL ILY BBY 😂
After Animation Academy, we finally went to Cars Land!
After riding Radiator Springs, we rode Mike & Sully to the Rescue. We didn’t even know that ride existed.

We also tried the hot dog from the Big Hero 6 movie at the Award Wieners.

Our first kitchen sink!
After devouring our kitchen sink, we rode Ariel’s Undersea Adventure. It’s always a must-do whenever we’re here.

& of course, we always do Toy Story Midway Mania!. Last time I checked, I think I’m in the lead 😅 We also ate corn on the cob while we waited in line at Toy Story Midway Mania! because the turkey leg & corn carts are right next to the ride.
We didn’t know that there was a parade at California Adventure. It’s called the Pixar Parade.
We watched that for a bit before heading to Downtown Disney to get souvenirs & finally settled in at the Cove Bar.
It was our first time watching the World of Color from the Cove Bar. We liked it because we’re able to sit & eat vs. the feeling of being uncomfortable & crowded at the designated WOC section/seating.

Our Third Disneyland Trip Together

May 21, 2014

We celebrated our three year anniversary with a trip to Disneyland. It was our third time together at Disneyland, but it was our first time experiencing it by ourselves. The previous times were spent going with others.

I think this is the trip we started doing some research. We never really knew what were the best things to eat at Disneyland, what the best rides to go on were, etc. We did a little bit of research prior to this trip, but didn’t get the full hang of things just yet.
We went to Radiator Springs first because we knew that the line was going to get longer later. We wanted to ride it while it was still early in the day.
One of the first things we also do when we go to Disneyland, is go to the Main Street City Hall to get our pins for whatever special occasion we’re celebrating. On this trip, we got anniversary pins & cast members greeted us throughout the parks that day 😊
Of course we had to take a photo in front of the castle!
Jeremiah was so adamant about trying the Mint Julep & Mickey Beignets. They were both good 😋
After snacking on those, we went to the Plaza Inn to eat lunch. One of my cousin’s was working at Disneyland at the time, so I asked him if he was there, but he told me he was at school.
After the Plaza Inn, we rode Space Mountain. The wait time was long, but we’ve waited longer. After Space Mountain, we checked out the Star Wars store & bought some souvenirs.
After so much waiting & walking, we got Pineapple Dole Whip! It was my first time having it & now every time we go, we always get it. We sat on Main Street & relaxed a bit before heading to the next stop on our itinerary.
We had fast passes for Indiana Jones Adventure, but we still had too much time to kill, so we just went to the Cove Bar.
It was our first time eating at the Cove Bar & trying the special drinks 😉
lobster nachos
After eating at the Cove Bar, we headed back to Disneyland to ride Indiana Jones Adventure. We know now that drinking before riding anything turbulent isn’t a good idea.

After Indiana Jones Adventure, we made our way back to California Adventure. On the way out, we bumped into our friends! We were heading in opposite directions, so we were only able to talk for a bit before parting ways.

At California Adventure, we went on the Ariel’s Undersea Adventure & Toy Story Midway Mania!.

After so much walking, we finally relaxed & watched World of Color.

Our Second Disneyland Trip Together

October 26, 2012

This was our second Disneyland trip together. This time we went with our friends. We spent the weekend in SoCal for PCN. Since we had a free day before PCN, we decided to go to Disneyland.
It was our first time experiencing the Halloween theme!

We waited 2 hours & 30 minutes for Radiator Springs. Oh, fun times. lol.

Our First Disneyland Trip Together

January 6, 2012 – January 7, 2012

This was our first Disneyland trip together. I know, 2012. That doesn’t seem that long ago until you actually count how many years have actually gone by since then. Five years?!
We went with his cousins on this trip & it was the first time I actually met most of his family. I remember being so nervous because I thought I would meet his family in increments. I thought it would just be a few of his family members, but I didn’t realize how many cousins he had. I come from a big family too though, so having a big family is familiar to me.

Yes, I kept the receipts, brochures, Disneyland tickets, etc. lol. I’m glad I did because these are memories that we enjoy looking back on. We added all of these to our photo album 😊

& that concludes all of our Disneyland trips together! I can’t wait to go back again! Just a couple more days 😁

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