Our Second Time Together at Natural Bridges State Beach

Jeremiah & I spent Memorial Day at Natural Bridges State Beach. The last time we were here was in 2012! 😱 We’re always shocked whenever we think about how much time has flown by since the last time we did something.


The last time we went here we parked in the parking lot, which costs $10, but because the lot was full the second time around, we found street parking.

The Beach

Despite this photo looking like there were no crowds, there was actually a ton of people there, but I edited a few of them out 😅 We expected the crowd anyway because it was a holiday & it was also late in the day. I suggest going on a weekday or arrive at an earlier time on a weekend if you’re trying to beat the crowd. The location is beautiful & almost feels private when there aren’t too many people.

Exploring the Tidepools

I was adamant about checking out some tidepools because we weren’t able to last summer. We tried going to one reserve, but the location to the tidepools was closed off due to seals resting on the beach.

The first time we went here, we didn’t know there was a tidepool area. I found out through my cousin’s photo because I was curious which locations in the Bay Area had tidepools. I must’ve been here years ago on a school field trip since it all looked so familiar, but I can’t remember much.

At the entrance of the pathway to the tidepools, there’s a plaque of information for visitors. One of the rules to keep the preserve safe says to not pick up anything! We saw a man pick up a crab from one of the tidepools which I suggest you should not do. SMH.

We both agreed that if we plan on going back here to see the tidepools, we’ll go at an earlier time to avoid high tide.

Check out this anemone (pictured below)! There are multiple anemone throughout the tidepools, but I wasn’t able to capture as many photos as I hoped.

You can see the second tidepool area here on the right (pictured below).

I was so happy because we got to see a few colorful crabs. They kept running away, so I wasn’t able to get any decent photos of them.

I can’t wait to explore more tidepools this summer. There are a few locations I’d like to check out!

If you know of any in the Bay Area, please feel free to share/comment below!

Our First Time Together at Natural Bridges State Beach

September 13, 2012

Here’s a little throwback from the first time we visited. This was a good day💙

2012!? We were babies 😭

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