Bonfire at Ocean Beach

Over the three-day weekend, Jeremiah & I had a bonfire with his friends at Ocean Beach. The last time we had a bonfire with a couple of friends was last summer. We were a little underprepared for this bonfire, but thankfully there’s a store across the street that had what we needed.
Jeremiah & I also bought a kite! Sometime during the winter, I mentioned that I wanted to fly a kite once the weather warmed up. So, we got a kite & flew it for a while at the bonfire. It ended up breaking, but we’re not upset about it. We’re planning on getting a better kite, but they’re so rare to find in stores now. Why is that?

The beach has a couple of fire pits. Arriving earlier gives you a ย better chance at saving a fire pit for your group. We didn’t mind just digging a hole & creating one for ourselves.

Poor Luna was so cold ๐Ÿ˜ข I shared my blanket with her to keep her warm. Jeremiah & I didn’t even plan on setting up our tent, but thankfully we did anyway because it started getting real cold & windy once the sun went down.

If we ever plan on doing a bonfire again, I wouldn’t mind doing it here because the location isn’t as far as others we’ve been to. It also wasn’t hard to get up & down to the beach.

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