Bay to Breakers

Bay to Breakers

This past Sunday, Jeremiah & I did Bay to Breakers for the first time with his cousins. We both didn’t know what to expect. after trying it for the first time, we both realized how underprepared we were. Lol.
We both knew that people dressed up in costumers for the run, but we didn’t realize how much effort everyone puts into it. We also didn’t expect so many people to dress up. Nearly everyone was dressed up in some costume. His cousins & I all settled on masks, but next year we kind of want to do something bigger.

Avoid parking where the courses take place or just avoid SF all together. We all took the Bart into the city just to avoid trying to get in & out of SF.

There are a few bathroom spots/porter potties throughout the course. Porta-Potties in the beginning of the race tend to get more crowded, so if you can hold it a little, I suggest going to the ones actually on the course.

His cousins & I downloaded an app called “Life360” that creates a private group amongst yourselves & keeps track of where each member in your group is in case you lose one another.

Jeremiah & I were too unprepared for the run. I got sick a few days before, so I wasn’t fully recovered yet. I was planning on skipping the event, but Jeremiah had already paid for it. Plus, I really wanted to experience it since I hadn’t done it before.
We both didn’t know that we weren’t allowed to bring backpacks or any bags unless they were CLEAR! I really wanted to bring my GoPro too, but I didn’t want to hold it the whole time. So if you plan on doing this next year or sometime in the future, the bag policy is something you should take note of. We did see some runners with non-clear backpacks, but you risk getting kicked out of the run for not following the rules.
I also brought the wrong shoes! I had my running shoes in the car, but because Jeremiah & I decided to just try the run last minute, we rushed out before I could remember to change my shoes.

It took all of us a while to figure out where our group’s starting line was. Apparently you have to run with the designated group letter you selected upon buying your ticket/registration.

Be prepared for any uphill course, drunk people, & A LOT of eggplant emojis.

All courses finish at Ocean Beach & if you make it to the finish line, you get a medal. I don’t know what else waits for you at the finish. Jeremiah & I unfortunately only did half of the run, but next time we definitely want to complete it.

Also, to avoid walking all the way back to the Bart station or starting point, it’s easier to just call for a Lyft or Uber.

Next year, Jeremiah & I will hopefully be more prepared now that we know what to expect! Also, apologies for the lack of photos. Next year I’ll try to get better photos.

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