Our First Time Together in Napa Valley

Over the weekend, Jeremiah & I had the pleasure of spending our Six Year Anniversary in Napa Valley 💘

Castello di Amorosa

Jeremiah had the whole day planned out for us, so I didn’t know what to expect. The first thing we did was visit Castello di Amorosa. We had earlier reservations, but Jeremiah had to push it back a little because we didn’t wake up early enough 😓

Once we finally got to Castello di Amorosa, we had to check in for our tour reservation. There are two lines, one for reservations & one for walk-ins. Note: You must show up early for your reservations because the wine tasting tour will start without you.

Thankfully Jeremiah & I were able to catch up to our tour. They barely left when we joined them. We continued the tour into the castle & were shown areas where some wine was being stored.

One of the rooms had a well about 30 feet deep & all I could think about was the movie The Ring. Our tour guide told us that they have Halloween parties at the castle & I thought, “That sounds like something straight out of a scary movie. It’s going to be a no for me.” 😂

The tour guide also took us to another room that she called the “torture chamber”. The room had this really small doorway that lead to another tiny room.

Have you ever watched that 1996 film Matilda? If so, doesn’t this remind you of “the chokey”? I joked with Jeremiah & said that I’m going to lock him in there. He nervously laughed 😅

On the last stop of our tour, we finally got to taste some wine.

Everyone was given a list to choose a maximum of five wines they’d like to try.
We both decided that we should have a “favorite” wine for both of us to love & drink throughout the years or possibly serve at our future wedding. After tasting all of the wines we chose from the list, we both agreed on one. The selected wine we all got to taste is only sold there at the castle, so of course we had to buy it.  You can also order the wine online though.

Here’s one photo I took of the gift shop. There were too many visitors, so I didn’t take many photos.

After the gift shop, we walked around the castle & took some photos. It was about 100 degrees! Jeremiah was so patient to take photos together even though it was scorching outside 🙏

Gott’s Roadside

We hadn’t had anything to eat, so we headed to Grott’s Roadside because we saw it on the way to Castello di Amorosa. We passed the location nearest to the castle, so we went to another one of their locations.

these are horrible iPhone photos/edits. My bad!

It’s super spacious in there. They have plenty of seating. We called in our order, but it looked like they made it right when we got there, so we had to wait a while.

We found out that they have locations in Palo Alto & SF, but not all locations serve the same specials like the Mexican Street Corn & Horchata Shake. I hope that at least one of the locations (Palo Alto or SF) has it!

Here’s a horrible iPhone photo, but I promise it’s as good as it looks!
Check their Yelp account for further reviews.

Napa Valley Wine Train + Murder Mystery Dinner

The last surprise event for the day, was the Napa Valley Wine Train + Murder Mystery Dinner. They are extremely strict on time, so you must arrive early to board the train.

Our group was already boarding the train, so we quickly had to get on. We were literally the last people to board.

Upon boarding, they have these love locks! Several places do this, but I think the most famous one is in Paris.

A designated Napa Valley Wine Train photographer takes photos of you before boarding that you may purchase later after the train ride.
We were both unsure if we wanted to purchase the photo, so we took our own just in case.

Once we boarded, we were lead to our train car with the remainder of the group who were also doing the Murder Mystery Dinner. It’s assigned seating & you don’t have to worry about not having a good view. All of the seats are next to the windows.

Everyone in our train car was treated with wine, cheese, & crackers. They also have a menu available if you would like to order more items.

Once seated, we were also given a newspaper for the Murder Mystery Dinner that provides clues & backstories for the Murder Mystery characters.

Jeremiah wanted to taste more wine, so he got a wine sampler called “The Red Flight”.

The actors playing the Murder Mystery went in & out of our train car a few times. I unfortunately didn’t take any photos or videos of them. I was too caught up in the moment of their dialogue because Jeremiah & I really wanted to figure out who the culprit was. One of the actors also said, “No photos please.”, but I was unsure if he was joking, so I just didn’t take any.

Sometime around sunset, we were seated in another train car to have dinner.

The Murder Mystery Dinner is a three-course meal & a menu is provided at all the tables listing the available selections for the evening. Each meal listed has suggested wine that pairs well with the food.

Warm towels are also given to each person to clean your hands.

First Course

Everyone had a choice between salad or soup du jour, but we chose salads.
Bibb Lettuce Salad

Second Course – Entree

We were able to choose from the selected menu items what entree we wanted for dinner, so we both chose the Seared Beef Tenderloin.
Seared Beef Tenderloin

Third Course – Dessert

I don’t remember what our dessert was called, but we had two choices. One of the choices was something with carrot cake, so we got this instead.

Once dinner was finished, each table was given a solution card with a set of questions to answer who we think the killer was.

Jeremiah & I thought we guessed right, but we only got one answer right. Three people got the answer right. I think there was a prize, but I don’t remember what it was.
Overall, I thought doing the Murder Mystery Train was fun. I totally wasn’t expecting it either. I’ve mentioned to Jeremiah a couple of times that it would be fun to a do a Murder Mystery Dinner with some friends because I always see it on Groupon. So, it was great to finally experience one for ourselves. I also loved that the actors/actresses dressed up & acted passionately. The whole murder mystery felt like the board game of Clue, but in real life. lol.
I think doing a Murder Mystery Halloween-themed Dinner would be real fun too, but I’m not sure if any place does that. Maybe I’ll look into that next.
Also, apologies for the horrible photos in this post! I didn’t take many good ones.

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