Our Six Year Anniversary Together + Throwbacks

Happy Six Year Anniversary to us! 💘

Jeremiah & I are spending our Six Year Anniversary in Napa 😊 He planned the day for us, so I don’t know what to expect.

I’ve also worked on including some of these throwback photos into this post. I didn’t have this blog prior to 2015, so it was fun for me to look back on these memories.

Our One Year Anniversary

On this Anniversary, Jeremiah knocked on the front door & surprised me with flowers 😭 I told him once that I wanted to go to Twin Peaks, so he surprisingly took me there after he picked me up from my house. I thought it would be cooler to see the lights at night, but he didn’t know that then. lol. It’s okay because we eventually went to check it out at night a few times. After checking out Twin Peaks, we just had dinner at Black Angus.

Our Two Year Anniversary

We didn’t have anything much planned for this Anniversary. I don’t remember if I had the entire weekend off? We’ve both heard how nice & clean Carmel Beach was so we spent the day there.

On our actual Anniversary, I think I had work & had to study, so we just ate at Tea Papa. He still got me flowers too 😚

Since I was still in school at the time, I think that once I was finally finished with school, we spent the weekend away in a Marriott near SF.
We went to the Exploratorium for the first time together & had dinner at Elephant Bar.

it says “Embassy Suites” in the photo, but we actually stayed at a Marriott
The next day we went to Pier 39 for the first time together.

Our Three Year Anniversary

We spent this Anniversary away from the Bay Area for the first time.

Our first day in Southern California was spent checking out Griffith Observatory & it was also the first time we tried Tastea. During the evening, we ate dinner at Ruth’s Chris Steak House. It was the best steak we’ve ever had.

Our second day in Southern California was spent at Disneyland! It was our third time together at Disneyland, but the first time by ourselves.

Our third day in Southern California was spent checking out Bruxie, Urth Caffe, & the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA). During the evening, we went to the luxury theater, Cinepolis to watch X-Men: Days of Future Past.

Our fourth & final day in Southern California was spent checking out Boba 7, walking around Downtown LA, & grabbing Porto’s.

Our Four Year Anniversary

Jeremiah & I spent this Anniversary in Southern California.
You can see more photos & read more about this trip in the following links

Our Five Year Anniversary

Jeremiah & I didn’t travel anywhere on this Anniversary because we were both busy at the time with school & work. We did spend this Anniversary weekend checking out Pinnacles National Park for the first time together in this post (click here).
That year, we also both decided that we wanted to spend money on concert tickets to see The Formation World Tour & The Saint Pablo Tour.

& that concludes our Anniversary memories over the years. There are many more to come! 😊👫💘

Stay tuned for a post about our time in Napa! In the meantime, follow my Instagram Stories ✌

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