May The Fourth Beer With You

Downtown Campbell’s Beer Walk

A couple of days ago (May 4th to be exact), Jeremiah & I attended Downtown Campbell’s Beer Walk in honor of Star Wars day.


The check-in station to receive your wristband, map, & custom Beer Walk glass, was stationed in front of Khartoun, which is one of the bar stops for beer on the map.
Check out this cute sign πŸ˜„
Once Jeremiah & I received our wristband, map, & custom glass, we went into Khartoum to try the beer before meeting up with our friend & her co-workers. Jeremiah & I tried a few places with them before we went off on our own to eat dinner at Sushi ConfidentialΒ since we hadn’t eaten anything all day.

The Beerwalk

You can’t try any of the beer without your wristband, custom glass, or map. If you plan on doing this, you cannot lose any of the three items or else you risk not being able to try anything at all.

At each beer station you go to, vendors mark it off on your map to avoid people coming in for seconds. It’s only one sample per person, which I suppose is a good idea because there are more than 20 beer vendors to try. I assume that they do that to encourage Beer Walk Go-ers to try other stations & to let everyone to get a chance at sampling. I mean, that’s the point, right?

The road that runs through the middle of Downtown Campbell is not closed off! There is a security guard & several police officers around downtown. You cannot leave a beer station without finishing your sample. Security checks your glass before you leave, but luckily, Jeremiah & I were able to sneak out & walk to the next station. We both agreed that we didn’t enjoy the fact that the road wasn’t blocked off. It would be nice to be able to roam freely to each station without being stuck at one. For example, when we went to the Bacon & Beer Festival, we were able to jump from one station to the next. At Campbell’s Beer Walk, it does feel hot & humid being stuck at each station because it gets stuffy & crowded.

Jeremiah & I want to do the Santana Row Beer Walk, but we’re skeptical since we’ve never done it before. If you’ve been to that one before, do you have any tips?
Please feel free to leave comments below! ⬇⬇⬇⬇

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