Tastea’s Grand Opening Today in San Jose

The first time I’ve ever tried Tastea was when Jeremiah & I took a trip down to SoCal in 2014. I don’t remember exactly what I ordered, but I think it was the Peach Me Sweet Tea. I wasn’t a fan of it at the time. Maybe I didn’t order a better drink that fit my taste? Jeremiah ordered a pink looking drink, which I liked more than mine.

Here’s a photo of our orders from 2014:

When I found out about Tastea’s grand opening in the Bay Area, I thought, “Okay, since it’s here now, why not give it another try?”
I was skeptical about ordering the fruit teas, since there are so many milk tea spots in the Bay Area now that serve good fruit teas. So, we ordered the Peach Me Freezie, which we both really liked!

Here’s a photo I took of our drinks yesterday:

I would definitely go back for their Slushy Freeze’s, but I’m still skeptical about their fruit teas since I had a bad experience. This is also coming from someone whoΒ lovesΒ fruits. Jeremiah always buys a fruit plate for me from Safeway when we go grocery shopping because he knows how much I love fruit. lol.
Have you been to the Tastea location in Southern California or the Bay Area before? What do you recommend? Feel free to leave comments below!

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