Stow Lake Boathouse

Over the weekend, Jeremiah & I went to the Stow Lake Boathouse. I’ve mentioned it a couple of times before that we haven’t done this activity yet, so he surprised me. It wasn’t as busy as I expected for a Saturday, but we also got there before noon.
They have different options for renting a boat. They have a row boat, pedal boat, family boat, etc.

Jeremiah & I chose the paddle boat because I thought rowing a boat would’ve been more difficult. lol.
You’re only able to rent the boat for an hour, but it didn’t take us long to paddle around the lake. We didn’t want to return it too early, so we used up our maximum rental time by paddling around a few more times.
The area felt quiet & peaceful. You can also spot ducks, geese, & turtles swimming in the lake. There are also hiking trails around the park too.

Thankfully the weather was cloudy otherwise it would’ve been too hot to paddle around the lake.
If you decide to go here someday, check the weather! If it’s sunny, I advise you wear a hat or sunscreen. I personally think it’s better to do this activity when it isn’t too sunny.

After we returned the boat rental, we walked around the park for a little bit & checked out the Golden Gate Pavilion.

There’s a table & chairs in it, which you can kind of spot behind us in the photo. It’s a great place to enjoy a picnic with the view of the lake.

lol I love you

The park also has other various picnic tables & benches around the park to sit & enjoy the view.

We haven’t had this kind of day in a while, so thank you for the Date Day, baby 😘

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